12 Homemade Yogurt Recipes With A Little Taste Of Childhood

12 Homemade yogurt recipes with a little taste of childhood

Homemade versions are easy to prepare and can be healthier and economical than the industrialized Danone

Playing in the street, jumping rope, playing catch-up or hide-and-seek… There are many memories of childhood and, for most people, among them is the famous yogurt! After all, who has never savored that little pot of Danone (to the tasty!) very slowly, enjoying every small spoonful and hoping that it never ends?!

However, leaving a little aside from the flavor, it is necessary to know that, like many other industrialized products, the famous yogurt offers a lot of ingredients that are not legal for health, such as dyes and preservatives. INGREDIENTS, moreover, that most people (who do not work in the food or health area) do not know what this is about!

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