20 Billion Probiotic Health Supplement – 30 Days Supply – Elle Belle UK – Probiotiques 20 – Comprehensive High Strength 8 Strain Formula – Made In The UK – 30 Capsules.

Probiotic Health Supplements and Probiotic Drinks such as Activia, Actimel and Yakult are extremely popular these days and are helping us to take a step in the right direction when it comes to maintaining a better level of digestive health. Today’s modern daily diet of convenience snacks, pre-packed foods and takeaways, not to mention regular intakes of alchohol can all take their toll on the health of our digestive system. It has been well documented by many health professionals these days that a balance between good and bad bacteria within our digestive system can not only help to keep us healthy, but also boost our immune system too. At Elle Belle UK we have 2 powerful probiotic supplements. Probiotiques 4, which is our standard strength probiotic supplement, containing 4 billion live good bacteria per capsule, and our Super Strong Probiotic Supplement Probiotiques 20. Probiotiques 20 is a comprehensive 8 strain Super Strong Probiotic Supplement that contains an amazing 20 billion of live multi-flora good bacteria per capsule, which is the same amount of good bacteria as eating 40 probio yogurts. This super strong probiotic supplement is the perfect way to re-balance the good bacteria within your digestive system after recovering from illness, after taking anti-biotics, after travelling from abroad, after regular tummy upsets, or after excessive stress.

Product Features

  • Super Strong – 20 Billion Guaranteed Friendly Bacteria Organisms Per Capsule.
  • Special Comprehensive 8 Strain Formula – Full Probiotic Spectrum.
  • Zero Calories – Tried & Tested – Great Digestive & Immune System Boost.
  • Beat Candida Albicans Fast – Great Value – 30 Days Supply – Free UK Delivery
  • Re-balance Your Good Bacteria after Antibiotics, Stress & Illness.

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