500ML Electric Juice Cup Portable Multi-Juice Bottle Rechargeable Electric Milk Yogurt Blender USB Fruit Juicer Smoothie Maker for coffee Ice or Nutrition

Capacity: 500ml
Product Dimension:80*80*250mm
Lid Material: Food grade PP
Cup body material: Food grade ABS
Blade Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Bottom of the Bottle Material: Food grade Silicone
Motor speed: Net load 22000 rev / min ¡À 15% Load 15,000 rev / min ¡À 15%
Battery Type: 2600mAh 3.7V(DC5V USB charging)
Fresh Juice:
1. Wash the fruit, cut the size of 1.5cm.(nuclear, hard materials, or hard shell fruits, please remove it)
2. Add 30% -60% of water or milk, add fruit pieces, but not to exceed 80% of the cup itself.
3. The cup upside down, so no fruit around the blade prevent the card machine, Start switch,(Hold for 2 seconds) Shaking up and down when the work product, it can mix better.
4. After working, turn off the power switch to turn straight mouthpiece or unscrew the lid to drink.
Do not freeze, Do not intended for hot liquids, Do not use in microwave.
Do not use the juicer when it is charging.
When cleaning the cup,remember not to place the base in water and prevent USB switch hole and water! After cleaning store upside down.
When clean and wipe dry the blade, please pay attention safely, and avoid injury.

Product Features

  • Multifunctional blender:The blender is not only for fruit and small vegetable,but also for some coffee, milk powder and other baby food.It is also good for baby food in outdoor.
  • Automatic mixing:Groove design,change the flow of water,the food will focus on the periphery of the knife and more evenly.
  • Truly portable and conveniently,Ideal for the gym, work, school and days out.Enjoy your fruit juice anytime and anywhere.
  • USB rechargeable:it can charge it through power Bank,cellphone and PC.Please don’t use it when it charge.
  • Note:Before juicing,please add purified water stirred wash the cup, remember to keep the pulp into small blocks 1.5 * 1.5cm.When stopped for the Partial fruit,please shake the bottle body up and down to juicer better.

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