Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert 4 x 125 g (Pack of 6)

Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert 4 x 125 g

Produced by:Provamel

Bulk Case of:6

Alpro is a company with a vision; a vision of a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants — planet friendly, sustainable and healthy. The voyage of discovery started over 30 years ago with naturally nutritious soya, turning it into plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurt and cream, meat and margarine, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy delicious plant powered foods. Now almond and hazelnut drinks have just been added to our ever-growing list — Alpro still exploring!

Small, dark and devilishly delicious, Alpro dark chocolate dessert combines silky plant-based creaminess with the seductive powers of real, dark chocolate to tempt you. This wholesome indulgence is the perfect treat.


Product Features

  • Dark chocolate dessert
  • Free from artificial sweeteners and colours
  • Made with a blend of water and soya beans
  • With added calcium and vitamins
  • Low in saturated fat

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