Automatic Home Bread Machine BreadMaker Multi Functional Bread Yogurt Machine Cake Machine And Noodle Machine

Material: Aluminum alloy




Voltage Power:220V-50Hz

Rated power:650W

Suitable for families:1-8 people

Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Product Features

  • 20 kinds of function keys.Two kinds of weight can be selected. 550g (1-3 people), 750g (2-6), 1000g three kinds of capacity free choice.
  • 60 minutes moisturizing function. After the bread is done, it will automatically enter the 1 hour moisturizing function.
  • Advance 15 hours in advance. Sleep directly before the appointment time, the next morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast.
  • The delivery cycle for the product is 8-15 business days.
  • Products are simple to use, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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