Brod and Taylor: Folding Bread Proofer / Yogurt Maker / Slow Cooker

The Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer fits into any home kitchen to help create a more consistently humid, warm environment for more professional results rising your favourite yeast dough recipes. Whether you’re baking sourdough, gluten free, whole grain or traditional bread recipes – your home kitchen can now perform up to professional standards. No more improvising with unreliable, dangerous, inconvenient or oversized substitutions. In fact, you can even use this multifunctional kitchen tool to make wholesome home-made yogurt, temper and hold chocolate, and even keep chips, crackers and cookies crisp longer. You can even use it as a slow cooker (see website for details). At last, a consistent proofing environment at your fingertips anytime. Simply set up your proofer and preheat it, then add your full size mixing bowl of dough or loaf pans to rise. Need to add humidity? Use the included water tray to perfect your rise. Best of all, it folds away easily for drawer or cabinet storage. It’s that simple.

Product Features

  • Ferment and Rise Bread Dough – Make Yogurt – Melt Chocolate – Use as Slow Cooker
  • Temperature range: 21 – 49C and up to 90C in Slow Cooker mode; Typical humidity 60-80%
  • Closed (outside dim’s): 46 x 37 x 6.5 cm; Open (inside dim’s): 37.5 x 32 x 20 cm (WxDxH)

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3 Responses to Brod and Taylor: Folding Bread Proofer / Yogurt Maker / Slow Cooker

  1. maltese says:

    Great proofer for home use, perfect size to make sweet buns/rolls for family!

  2. Donald Mcintyre says:

    Works but some quality reservations

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