Bulgarian Bio Yogurt Starter Culture – organic, home made – 10 capsules for 20 liters

Bulgarian Bio Yogurt Starter Culture – organic, home made – 10 caps. up to 20 liters The Starter Culture for Bio Yogurt contains a selected cultures for making Bulgarian yogurt, enriched with unique type of Bifidobacteries. The Bifidobacteries are part of the natural microfloral environment of the human intestinal tract and are present in newly born babies. Passing through the stomach barrier, they attach to the walls of the small intestine and work against unwanted bacteria, detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system. Consuming dairy products containing Bifidobacteries and Lactobacillus is the perfect way of maintaining a healthy microflora balance in the digestive tract. EACH BOX CONTAINS: Each box contains 10 capsules of culture, 1 capsule – for min 1 liter and max 2 liters Ingredients: No less than 1×10⁹ living cells per gram Lactobacillus bulgaricus Streptococcus thermophilus Bifidobacterium bifidum Bifidobacterium infantis Bifidobacterium longum Bifidobacterium breve Bifidobacterium adolescentis STORAGE CONDITIONS / Starter Culture/: Keep it in temperatures between 0°C and 10°C. PREPARATION STEPS: 1. Boil the raw milk. (1 to 2 liters). 2. Keep it hot for 30 min. 3. Cool it down to 37 °C-39°C 4. Open the capsule and pour the contents into the milk and stir very well 2- 3 min /use electric mixer or egg beater/. 5. Allow it stand for 8-10 hours by still keeping the temperature of 37-39°C. (put in thermos or use yogurt maker). 6. Put in the refrigerator until cooled down to 10°C without stirring. In case you use yoghurt maker follow the applied instructions. Consume in the the next 2-3 days (72 hours) RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE: No limits in the consumption. Suitable for adults and children over one year of age. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Keep in a cool place in the refrigerator. DOES NOT CONTAIN GENETICALLY MODIFIED INGREDIENTS Recommended by the Bulgarian Society of Gastroenterology.

Product Features

  • HOMELAND OF YOGURT IS BULGARIA Bulgarian bacillus is an active producer of lactic acid, which, in turn, has a suppressive effect on pathogens, thus helping the body to more actively fight infections. What is unique about the Bulgarian strain is that only in Bulgaria it preserves its qualities in further generations of the same strain, i.e. if you use your previous yogurt to start your new batch.
  • BENEFITS OF HOME MILK PRODUCTS 1. The complete absence of preservatives, stabilizers, flavorings, thickeners, dyes, sugars. 2. Cooking homemade yogurt, you are always guaranteed to get a fresh and lively main product (in-store yogurt, due to the addition of preservatives or heat treatment, the live microorganisms virtually absent and yogurt is not always fresh). 3. To give the product at home, you seek in it the maximum number of live microorganisms and metabolic products.
  • HEALTHY FEATURES OF BULGARIAN YOGURT Bulgarian yoghurt is unique, worldwide famous fermented milk product. The yoghurt contains large amounts of live and metabolically active cells L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus. Since the antiquity it has been considered a food that sustains the human health and life longevity. Bulgarian yoghurt characteristically contains high number of live beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which counts vary between 400 million to 1 billion per gram of yogurt.

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