Cappec’s Highly Accurate Kitchen/Oven/BBQ/Smoker Thermometer-Fast Reading-Digital-With High Temperature Resistant Cable-High And Low Temperature Alert Feature-Also Great For Yogurt, Brewing Etc.

It Is Vital To Ensure Your Food Is Cooked To The Correct And Safe Temperature. That’s Why You Need This Reliable Thermometer. To kill the pathogens that can cause food poisoning, foods need to be cooked to a high enough temperature. To determine the right temperature all you need is this accurate thermometer. Use the thermometer to measure the internal temperature of cooked meat, to make sure that the meat is cooked all the way through. Helps you follow carefully cooking instructions for prepacked food. Cappec’s Highly Accurate Kitchen/Oven/BBQ/Smoker Thermometer Features • Has High and Low Temperature Alert. This allows you to monitor a decline in temperatures or an incline if needed. • Select your custom cooking temperatures. Choose from “raw” to “well done” in appointed list. • Results in extremely fast readings. Suitable for Candy, Yogurt, Grill, Smoker, Oven. • Extremely high-end and bright LCD digital display. Widest view angle, Monitor any ambient temperature (from -4°F to 482°F). • Very low tolerances: +/- 1°F from -4°F-320°F. • Supplied complete with penetration probe. Correct And Safe Cooking Depends On Right Temperature Control. This Is What Cappec’s Thermometer Allows You To Do. Make It Yours Now! Add To Cart Before We Run Out Of Stock!

Product Features

  • • TEMPERATURES GO UP AND THEY GO DOWN: Ever needed to measure a falling temperature target, while preparing yogurt, baking or brewing? Our Glare will allow you do do just that. Set your increasing or decreasing temperature target and the alarm will go off just at the right time. Temperature is a critical factor for food quality and safety, is the one that keeps harmful bacteria under control. Is it clear now why you need a reliable thermometer?
  • • ACCURATE: Our superior thermometer measures -4 °F to 482 °F (-20 to 250 °C), with minimal tolerance! Thanks to its great temperature range, our digital instant thermometer is your best kitchen gadget for indoor and outdoor BBQ, grilling, smoking, boiling, oven cooking and any other way you might want to prepare meat!
  • • ENHANCE YOUR COOKING SKILLS: The most important variable in cooking is the temperature of the food itself, not the temperature of the environment in which it’s being cooked. When grilling a steak, what you really want to control is the final temperature of the steak. For a steak to be cooked, let’s say, medium rare, you have to know the right temperature, but you must also be able to measure it! Here’s where you need a good thermometer.
  • • OFFER A PERFECT HOME MADE BBQ: Invite friends and family for a bbq party without worrying about the success of the dishes. Your Cappec’s highly accurate thermometer, not only will be your ally in offering the best roasted bbq, at the perfect temperature for exquisite succulent steaks, but will also underline your reputation as a good cook!
  • • DON’T BURN YOUR HANDS: You can’t tell the right temperature by holding your hand over the grill! You absolutely cannot tell anything about the temperature of a grill by holding your hand over the grate until your palm starts to smoke. There is a better way to do it, without burning your palm! Just use this thermometer and save you some pain!

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