Cooks Professional Premium 2 Litre Professional LCD Fully Automatic Electric Ice Cream Sorbet Yogurt Maker With Built-in Compressor – 180 Watts.

Make delicious ice cream at home in as little as 60 minutes. Get creative with flavours and even try out some home made yoghurt or sorbet, all sure to be of a restaurant standard, and sure to impress your guests. The ice cream making machine, can make professional quality ice cream for dinner parties or BBQs, and there is no need to pre-freeze the bowl.

Simple operation

Using the LCD display, you can see and select the mode and working time. Then simply pour your ingredients in, choose the desired programme and the ice cream maker will do the rest. The powerful 180W machine will churn and freeze up to two litres of deliciously smooth yogurt, sorbet or ice cream and you can even keep an eye on its progress through the transparent lid.

Packed with features and extras

Able to make yoghurt, sorbet or ice cream, this professional standard, home ice cream maker, features a compressor to speed up the ice cream making process, meaning you can have the treat you’re after in just 60 minutes. The “keep cool” mode can keep your ice cream gently chilled for up to an hour and with an LCD display, operation couldn’t be easier. A measuring cup and spoon are also included as standard.

Measures L42 x W29 x H27cm.

Product Features

  • EASY TO USE – Simply pour your ingredients in, and it will automatically make delicious sorbet, yogurt and ice cream.
  • QUICK SPEED COMPRESSOR – Thanks to a built in compressor, you can automatically make ice cream in under an hour.
  • DELICIOUS – Gourmet ice cream at the touch of a button.
  • POWERFUL CHURNING – The 180W ice cream maker can churn up to two litres of the chilled treat of your choice.
  • INCLUDES – Ice cream scoop, measuring cup and a whole host of delicious recipes.

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3 Responses to Cooks Professional Premium 2 Litre Professional LCD Fully Automatic Electric Ice Cream Sorbet Yogurt Maker With Built-in Compressor – 180 Watts.

  1. Ines B. says:

    A smart looking machine A smart looking machine. Very, very easy to use. It is a little noisy but no worse than a tumble dryer, certainly quieter than a washing machine. Performance wise, although it says it is a professional piece of equipment, I have found that it does not quite produce professional quality ice creams ie the end result is still a bit coarse and feels a little crystally…BUT it is vastly better than the freezing bucket type of ice cream maker and very reliable, and quick to produce ice cream. Value…

  2. Subtitle says:

    the churning paddle is sturdy and the sorbet was divine I’ve had this on my wish list for quite a while before I eventually purchased it. It arrived well packaged. The first thing I made was the Lemon Sorbet recipe from the booklet supplied. The machine worked perfectly, the churning paddle is sturdy and the sorbet was divine. The LED screen is easy to use and it’s very, very easy to clean. Wash the bowl and paddle in a little warm water and just wipe down the rest. Now be aware that it’s quite large and heavy, larger than a bread maker. So it…

  3. Mrs McD says:

    Great for last minute ice cream Absolutely love this machine. I have tried lots of different recipes and all have been a success, including frozen yogurt recipes too. I especially love the fact that you can make your ice cream straight away without having to freeze the bowl for several hours first. We don’t have the greatest track record for long summers, one day sunny, raining the next, so it’s great you can decide right away to make some. It takes no more than 1 hour from starting to being ready, even when the bowl is full…

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