Curd Cheese – Tvorog Starter Culture for Home Made 10l

Contains: 10 foil-packets of culture (1 gram each for 1 liter milk product). Curd cheese is not only rich in essential vitamins, but also easily absorbed by the body, so this product is the most valuable for children and the elderly. Curd cheese has dietary properties, resulting in a part of many diets for weight loss and “fasting days.” The cell concentration of at least 10⁹ CFU / g Lets get milk product dense viscous consistency with probiotic properties and clean, mild flavor and aroma. Preparation steps: 1. Warm milk to 80°C. Cool it down to 32° -38° C. 2. Add 1 g of dry culture for 1 liter of milk. 3. Stir very well /use electric mixer or egg beater/. 4. The resulting mixture is poured into a thermos and kept for 8 – 11 hours. The ready clot then is carefully poured into a pot and heated on low heat (water bath) to a temperature of: Option 1 – 34 – 36 ° C for soft cheese Option 2 – 45 – 55 ° C for granular curd Pour the heated clot in a thick cloth (gauze) to separate whey from curd, let the curd dry out by hanging it and letting it drip. After separation of the whey the curd is ready to be shifted into a clean container. Put in refrigerator for storage. Store at temperature of 2° to 6° C for not more than 36 hours.Starter culture storage:Keep it in temperatures between 0 ̊ and 20 ̊C – 24 months Do not store back open foil-packets.

Product Features

  • Curd – one of the most useful dairy products. In addition to fine taste, curd has many medicinal and healing properties for the human body. All unique qualities of this type of cheese are because of the manufacturing technology of this product. During the preparation of curd from milk allocated most valuable components – easily digestible protein and milk fat.
  • Curd cheese /Tvorog/ is very good for children’s health and is used in childhood and clinical nutrition. Milk protein – casein contained in the curd – has a high nutritional value and can replace animal protein, 300 grams of curd cheese – it’s a daily dose of protein required for the body.
  • Curd cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for the formation of high-grade bone. Experts recommend compulsorily administered in six-month diet curd kids because it contains milk protein, calcium and phosphorus in the optimal 1:2 ratio. These substances are necessary for children during the growth of bones, including teeth, pregnant women, in fractures.

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