Digestive Advantage Probiotics – Daily Probiotic Gummies – 30 Count – Pack of 2

Digestive Advantage is a daily probiotics supplement that targets your specific digestive health needs and with continued use, gives you long-term digestive support. Digestive Advantage contains BC30, a probiotic that survives 100 times better than yogurt and leading probiotics to deliver good bacteria where you need it. This probiotics supplement helps lessen minor abdominal discomfort, bloating, occasional diarrhea and supports immune health. Get your chewable probiotic gummies from Digestive Advantage today, and experience the benefits for yourself!

Product Features

  • Survives 100 times better than yogurt or leading probiotics
  • Supports long-term digestive health
  • Helps reduce abdominal discomfort, bloating and occasional diarrhea
  • Adds health microflora to the digestive tract everyday

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