Easiyo Greek Style Yogurt Mix 8 x 170g Sachets by EasiYo Specialty Yogurt Mix

Easiyo Greek Style Yogurt Mix Greek style is a Mediterranean style of yogurt that is extremely popular in Europe and the Middle East. It is a full-cream, plain yogurt that is ideal for those that like their yogurt very thick. It is especially good as a base for savoury dips, dressings and sauces or a great low-fat substitute for sour cream, cream or cream cheese. Also good for those that require good sources of absorbable calcium, protein and milk fat.

Product Features

  • Easiyo Greek Style Yogurt
  • Eight sachets each with 170g making 1kg of fresh yogurt each
  • Just add Water (you will need the easiyo Yogurt maker)
  • Billions of live cultures, including acidophilus, in every spoonful
  • Free P&P on all UK Mainland Orders

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3 Responses to Easiyo Greek Style Yogurt Mix 8 x 170g Sachets by EasiYo Specialty Yogurt Mix

  1. janeyb says:

    Versitile easy to use yogurt mix – yummy! My favourite Easiyo mix delivered to my door. For me this is the best yogurt and I have effectively tweaked the way I make it over the years to get perfect results each time. Pre-heat the flask and refill it of boiling water just before popping in the jar so that the least heat loss is incurred. I use room temperature water, mix the powder and water well by shaking – don’t rush this process then leave for a maximum of 12-14 hours as I feel it gets quite sharp if left longer. This has multi…

  2. Lucy Henley says:

    Didn’t work, and sell by dates too short I’ve been making easiyo yoghurt for a few years now with no problems – until these sachets from easiyonline. They were a good price, but a false economy, so many of the sachets were unusable because they didn’t thicken and set. I didn’t see any mention of the sachets being short shelf life but they are supplied with only about a month before use by date. Easiyonline replaced my order but the replacements (5 out of 6 so far) have all failed, the 1 that worked is thinner than expected but…

  3. Di's glasses says:

    Easiyo’s best product. I love this easiyo greek yogurt because it sets firm and has a good acidic taste. I’ve given up on the fruit flavoured ones because they have such a strange texture, rubbery and a bit like eating spaghetti, it’s still attached to the bowl when you remove the spoon. The fruit squirts are a cost too far, you might as well use a spoon of good jam. The greek is their best and I’ve been making it for years. If you are making it for one, use half a packet, it sets just the same and doesn’t get…

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