EasiYo Manual Yoghurt Maker (Homemade Yogurt in 8 Hours)

At Dowler Homestore we stock this fantastic EasiYo Yogurt Maker. It is easy and convenient to use.
The White Easiyo yoghurt maker is designed to make yoghurt as it has been made for centuries: compared to the modern way of manufacture e.g. All lactic cultures grow at different temperatures, so by going through a temperature range as in the Easiyo yoghurt maker, each and every culture has a chance to grow. This gives Easiyo its wonderful taste and helps deliver the unique benefits of each individual culture strain. A single-heat yoghurt maker, usually electric, does not give individual lactic cultures the same chance to grow, and one culture can become dominant, losing the benefits of the others. Other yoghurt makers can also require heating of ingredients, thermometers, and other fiddly care and attention. Using a new Easiyo yoghurt base, with each new batch, ensures each and all the lactic cultures are present in your yoghurt every time. The Easiyo yoghurt maker is as easy as making a cup of tea, and guarantees to make perfect yoghurt every time, unlike any other yoghurt maker. Buy your favourite yoghurt sachets to start your lifelong enjoyment of Easiyo yoghurt.Now you and your family can have as much fresh yoghurt as you like!Easiyo make perfect yoghurt every time, guaranteed!

So easy
So economical
So delicious and nutritious
No fuss
No mess
Easiyo makes a full litre (1 kg) at a time

Product Features

  • White yoghurt maker
  • 1 kg yoghurt jar
  • Information, recipe booklet
  • Guarantee form
  • So easy

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3 Responses to EasiYo Manual Yoghurt Maker (Homemade Yogurt in 8 Hours)

  1. doublegone says:

    Wonderful device – and no need to get addicted to their sachets. Very very pleased with my Easiyo yogurt maker.The principle behind making yogurt is simple – you take some milk, remove all background bacteria and introduce the yoghurt making bugs so they can get on with the job without any competition. Keep the mixture warm and a few hours later – voila – you have your yogurt.Most yogurt makers are electric plug-in affairs but this one gets its heat from boiling a kettle. It is essentially a large thermos flask into which you pour…

  2. archie says:

    Brillent yogurt maker Wanted one of these for ages as I can no longer afford to buy yogurt from the supermarket, but I don’t use the easiyo packs, I use my own recipes. Take 850ml of long life milk, or heat same amount of cows milk, leave to cool, add half a cup dried milk powder, 130g bio yogurt to get started and to flavour I add 4 tablespoons milkshake powder, banana, srawberry or angel delight powder, I give it all a good mix in a large jug with a hand whisk and into the flask it goes. If its night time I wrap a…

  3. enginehouse says:

    Good simple kit Excellent idea. Bought for us as a Christmas gift and now the whole extended family have one. Easy way to make fresh yogurt in quantity quite cheaply.Take one half a cup of low fat dried milk powder [Aldi is good]. A litre of H/T low fat milk [Longlife is fine with no need to fill up the fridge to store it]and half a small pot of probiotic yogurt as a starter [Yeo farm or similar]. Half fill the plastic container with milk. Add the powdered milk and the starter and shake up well. Once…

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