Easiyo Yogurt Greek n Coconut Yogurt Sachets (240g x 4)

Easiyo’s first yoghurt with ‘bits’ combines their creamy Greek yoghurt with dessicated coconut for a fresh taste and wonderful texture.

4 x 240g sachets

Product Features

  • Free from artificial ingredients & packed with calcium
  • Low GI and gluten-free & suitable for vegetarians
  • Each calcium-crammed sachet will make 1 litre of nutritious yoghurt
  • Crammed with ‘friendly bacteria’
  • Easy to make

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2 Responses to Easiyo Yogurt Greek n Coconut Yogurt Sachets (240g x 4)

  1. Lloyd Blakey says:

    Easily the best I recently purchased the EasiYo Yoghurt maker and bought this flavour of sachets as my first taste into the world of make your own yoghurt, and what a good choice it was, this taste so delicious I am kicking myself I did not try this sooner, the yoghurt tastes so creamy yet with a good coconut flavour, better than anything I have ever bought at my local supermarket and with the “friendly bacteria” feel that I am treating my body to a whole world of goodness, the only problem was I could…

  2. Marjoram says:

    easiyo yoghurt sachets

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