Electric Yoghurt Maker VOVOIR , Stainless Steel Yogurt Machine,1L,15W (Blue)

Fast and easy to make fresh yogurt at home.The entire process takes between 8 to 10 hours.

Ideal for people of all ages who are looking to add the health giving benefits of live beneficial cultures into their diet.

Flavour your home made yoghurt to your own personal taste; sweeten with sugar, syrup, honey or fresh fruit. Enjoy the delicious yogurt with your family!

Rated frequency: 50hz
Rated power: 15w
Rated voltage: 220v
Color: blue / orange
Package includes: 1x yogurt maker

Product Features

  • Automatic yogurt maker enables you to fast and easily make fresh yogurt at home.
  • Using food grade stainless steel for inner container, safe and harmless.
  • It can make about 1L yogurt at one time, suitable 2~3 people. Enjoy the delicious yogurt with your family.
  • The entire process just takes between 8 to 10 hours,simple and convenient.
  • Easy to operate, You can also add your favorite fruit or honey according to personal taste.

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