Gourmet Gadgetry Vintage Tea Party Ice Cream Maker

Product Features

  • Makes homemade ice cream, sorbets and frozen yogurts
  • 1.2 litre capacity
  • Recipe suggestions included
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean
  • Makes homemade ice cream, sorbets or frozen yogurts

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  1. Jeremy Duck

    Very good kit at a bargain price Works well but be aware of a few things.1. Check the dimensions of the tub and that it’ll fit in your freezer drawer as it is quite large. External sizes are 24.5 cm diameter and 13 cm depth.2. 200 ml double cream and 200 ml milk plus 4 egg yolks and a standard punnet of fruit appear to take up about half the volume of the bowl. Once churned for 30 minutes into ice cream, the mix was trying (and succeeding) an escape from the bowl.3. On cleaning the equipment, I rinsed the…

  2. Judit Dani

    Cannot wait to try! I jusr bought one from Debenhams, I was so excited to have it I could not wait ☺. It’s cute, has a large capacity and comes with a recipebook. Can’t wait for the bowl to freeze so I can finally make lots of ice creams. Until now I had been using the ice in bag method but it is just way too messy and cannot make a proper portion at the same time. With the bowl being in the freezer the rest of the machinery does not take up a whole lot of space in the cupboard (the size of approximately a large…