Home Bread Machine BreadMaker Automatic Multi Functional Intelligent Face Yogurt Cake Machine

Material: Aluminum alloy




Voltage Power:220V-50Hz

Rated power:450W

Reservation time:13 Hours

Suitable for families:1-4 people

Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Product Features

  • Excellent bread barrels, strong adhesion, to prevent falling off, the effective absorption of heat. Three kinds of burning color adjustment, the scientific adjustment of the temperature of different barbecue stage, so as to adjust the baking color.
  • Two kinds of weight can be selected. 450g (1-2 people), 700g (2-4) two kinds of capacity free choice. 60 minutes moisturizing function. After the bread is done, it will automatically enter the 1 hour moisturizing function.
  • Advance 13 hours in advance. Sleep directly before the appointment time, the next morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Mute work does not affect family rest. The machine is running very low sound, the operation process does not affect the family rest.
  • The delivery cycle for the product is 8-15 business days.
  • Products are simple to use, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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