Juicer 500ML Electric Juice Cup Portable Multi-Juice Bottle Rechargeable Electric Milk Yogurt Blender USB Fruit Juicer , A

Product category: juice glasses

Style: simple

Material: PC

Shape: cylindrical

Powerful multi-functional juicer: powerful motor effortlessly clods of fruits, vegetables and superfoods to amazing smoothies and shakes in 30-60 seconds. Not only is to make protein shakes, milk shakes, fruit juices, it is ideal for vegetables and other foods.

Health and environment-friendly: eco-friendly and made from food-grade nonpoisonous PP and PC material.Comes with 550 ml BPA-free bottles, spill-proof cover, durable double stainless steel blade, you can make 100% of pure fruit juices and vegetable juices.

Design of waterproofing and non-slip waterproof glass base with non-slip silicone and silicone waterproof cover USB socket makes mixer simple to use and easy to clean.

Mimi juice Extractor portable: Compact, lightweight design perfect for the gym, to work, work, College, travel and more. Carry hook on the lid makes it convenient.

Juicer rechargeable battery: 2600mAh lithium battery, it can quickly be controlled via mobile phone, PC, move the power cable that came with other USB devices. Hide 4 LED indicators show power status.

Product Features

  • Fashion design: non-slip, waterproof glass base, hidden, electric lighting and art direction.
  • Multifunctional mixer machine, is not only to make protein shakes, milkshake, smoothies. It is ideal for vegetables and other foods.
  • DIY mixing all kinds of fruits and vegetables according to their own tastes, allowing you to mix and drink from the same bottle drinks.
  • Portable and compact size, with ropes, it is easy to attach to a backpack. Outlook as a whole is normal cups, used juicer mixer with just a glass of water.
  • High efficiency: it only takes about 1 minute for you a delicious Cup of juice. Just image, it’s a beautiful day from healthy fruit juice.

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