Kefir Fermenter: Curd and Whey Separator 1.0 L (34 Oz)

It is ONLY ONE CURD AND WHEY SEPARATING DEVICE ON INTERNATIONAL MARKET. It is easy to separate Kefir Curd and Whey in order to produce two tender, sophisticated, delicious and healthy products from Kefir. STEPS: – Add milk to Separator and incubate 20-24 hours at room temperature – Place Separator in warm water to expedite separation or just incubate till separation will be well seen – Open faucet and pour whey out – Lift straw with curd out of jar.

Product Features

  • IT IS ONLY ONE CURD AND WHEY SEPARATING DEVICE ON INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Separator dramatically simplifies process of separation of Kefir Curd and Whey. Produced Curd is fresh, delicious and low acidic. Whey is a great drink when fresh and cold.
  • One step process: add milk and open faucet when Curd and Whey are separated after 18-24 hours.
  • Curd is delicious and healthy food product especially with sugar, raisins, fruits and berries. It is also useful for making sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and mayonnaise.
  • Whey is healthy & delicious drink. It is slightly acidic and contains full number of necessary mineral salts. Nothing is better, if you are thirsty at hot conditions/weather.
  • You can’t buy curd and whey in the stores but you can make them at home with this device.

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