Kefir Starter Grains Yaa Fumanti Natural Yogurt Kefir Live Culture Yogurt Starter

Make endless true yogurt with this live culture rich creamy kefir grains starter. The yogurt you produce can be used to make
yogurt based salad dressings, milk kefir drinks, clay face mask activator, a true creamy yogurt that you can add pureed fruits to, make smoothies or eat cereal with, add to baking recipes, condiments, spreads, dips, face masks, probiotic boosting drinks, add to baking sour tasting condiments and homemade cheese.
Store bought yogurts uses corn and other thickeners to achieve a creamy texture, making your own kefir yogurt in your home with this kit, you will only need just whole milk and to make more batches you simply need to save a few tablespoons from each batch to add to fresh milk.
The recipe that comes with this kefir grains starter produces an amazing naturally creamy yogurt probiotic rich with many strains of good bacteria for your intestinal microbiome. Making yoghurt at home means that you can forego the addition of sugar, corn starch and all other additives that store bought yoghurt adds to extend and give texture to commercial yogurt brands. You simply need to add your kefir culture to fresh milk. You may opt for the kefir starter kit if you need a food grade glass jar. Cover with muslin and rubber band and leave it sitting in a warm part of your kitchen for between 24 – 32 hrs. It takes as little as 10 minutes to prepare.

Product Features

  • 60g Milk Kefir Culture Only
  • Easy To Make, No Heating Needed, No Machine Needed Culture
  • Step By Step Guide, Recipe For Dairy Milk & Coconut Milk
  • Ongoing assistance for making recipes

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