Kitchen Craft Home Made Jam Straining Kit

Home Made Jam Strainer Kit

Product Features

  • Easy way to strain all types of preserves, cheese, home brewed beer and wine
  • Includes a 100% cotton washable straining bag
  • The durable plastic stand features adjustable feet for securely placing on bowl rims
  • Stand folds flat for easy storage

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3 Responses to Kitchen Craft Home Made Jam Straining Kit

  1. Anonymous says:

    The stand is sturdy, though once put together, I don’t think it’s coming apart again for storage, so it’ll take up room in the cupboard.The bag is, well, dreadful. First of all, it is NOT as advertised: it is not cotton, it is some kind of synthetic stuff which can only be hand-washed, and thus I am a little dubious as to how clean one can get it. Second and probably more important point: after first use, two of the metal eyelets just fell off the bag. That’s after one use. One…

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