Kitchen Craft Home Made Spare Jam Straining Bag

A cotton straining bag for use with straining kits and stands. With metal eyelets. 100% cotton and washable. Ideal for straining preserves, cheeses, beer, and wine. From Kitchen Craft.

Product Features

  • 100% polyester washable straining bag with metal eyelets
  • For use with a jam straining stand or the Kitchen Craft jam straining kit (KCJAMSTRAIN)
  • Handwash only
  • 12 month guarantee
  • Part of the Home Made collection

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2 Responses to Kitchen Craft Home Made Spare Jam Straining Bag

  1. MrsS says:

    Pleased to find this This is a very handy little ‘jelly’ bag. it strains jam so that only they fine and clear jelly goes through. The waste material can sometime be turned in to ‘cheese’ which is a kind of jam made from the bits left in the jelly bag. You will need a straining stand; as the bag is attached to it. The stand is normally a red plastic stand that has four legs and sits on top of a bowl. My mum makes her own bags when she is serious about the quality of the jelly for competitions; and wants a…

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