Ohso Healthy Dark Chocolate Bars Lemon Flavour No Added Sugar Gluten Free (Pack of 7 x 13.5g bars)

This healthy chocolate bar with lemon flavour is the newest bars to be introduced to the Ohso range. It contains lemon infused, delicious Belgian chocolate and 70% cocoa. The naturally sweetened, lower calorie recipe makes for a refreshingly tasty, sweet treat. There is no added sugar in these chocolate bars and for those of you who want a delicious twist on a classic chocolate bar, this is the perfect chocolate! Ohso healthy chocolate bars are a great source of energy and help your body’s defenses by providing you with the optimum daily amount of probiotics. Ohso chocolate has over a billion live cultures (commonly known as probiotics), Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, in every one of its bar. These live cultures are uniquely micro-encapsulated within the chocolate, using a patented process. It is proven that this delivers live cultures to the gut three times more effectively than probiotic yoghurts. Probiotic chocolate supports your digestive system and helps you build a strong immune system. Ohso chocolate is also certified gluten free, nut free with no GMO. It has no added dairy, no artificial colours, no preservatives and it is suitable for vegetarians. It comes in packs of 7 individual bars, one for every day of the week.

Product Features

  • Healthy chocolate bars with probiotics
  • No added sugar & gluten free chocolate
  • Support your digestive system, more effective than a yoghurt drink
  • Low in calories, only 63 cals per bar
  • Perfect portion size & pack of 7 bars, one for every day of the week

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