CafePress – Greek Food Pyramid Bib – Cute Cloth Baby Bib, Toddler Bib

CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. With thousands of designs to choose from, you are certain to find the unique item you’ve been seeking. This cute baby bib is sure to make everyone smile. Made of super soft 100% ring spun cotton jersey, this quality toddler bib will both look and feel great on your little one. Measuring 9″x10″ from bottom to collar, this bib provides great coverage area to catch all those burps and spills. Our cute, funny, and unique designs are printed professionally, and make great novelty gifts for mom-to-be, Mother’s Day, baby’s first birthday, or for no reason at all!. And with CafePress, your satisfaction is always our promise…buy with confidence, as we offer easy returns and exchanges and a 100% money back guarantee. CAFEPRESS DOES NOT OFFER PRODUCTS IN THE CATEGORIES OF ROBES, PAJAMAS OR LOUNGEWEAR INTENDED FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 12. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR SUCH USE.

Product Features

  • These quality 100% combed ringspun cotton jersey baby bibs are super soft. Features contrasting color ribbing & hook-and-loop closure.
  • This burp bib provides great coverage for all your little one’s spills.
  • Our toddler bib designs are professionally printed. Your unique design will make everyone smile. Make this baby bib the perfect gift for a boy, girl, or mom-to-be, great for baby showers, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or first birthdays.
  • Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low. IMPORTED.

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Hansells Lite Greek Style Yoghurt / Yogurt 6 X 170G sachets

Make fresh yoghurt in 3 easy steps. Yoghurt contains 4 active, live cultures including acidophilus and bifidus, is fresher than ready-to-eat yoghurt from the chiller, promotes healthy microbial balance in the digestive system, stimulates growth & activity of beneficial micro-organisms. The yoghurt is all natural. Contains no artificial colours or flavours, contains no stabilisers or preservatives, is a source of calcium, is suitable for vegetarians, is easy to make and economical. Three easy steps to make the yoghurt: Step 1: Mix with cool water. Half fill the yoghurt tub with clean drinking water (15-20⁰C). Add yoghurt mix, secure lid and shake well. Make up to the 1kg level with more cool water. Replace lid, shake well then release air from container and reseal. Step 2: Into yoghurt maker, Pour boiling water into your yoghurt maker to the specified level line. Place tub into yoghurt maker and immediately shut maker lid. Step 3: Set your yoghurt, Leave for 8 hours or overnight until set. Remove from maker and place in the fridge to cool. Some separation may occur. Gently stir before serving to produce a smoother texture, if desired. Ingredients: Non Fat Milk Powder (75%), Whole Milk Powder (Contains Soy Lecithin) (25%) and Lactic Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifido. Lactis) (<0.1%). Contains: Milk and Soy Dairy Content: 100%. Nutritional Information: Per serving (200g), Energy 555kJ (133Cal), Protein 11.4g, Gluten 0.0g, Fat Total 2.5g, Saturated 1.7g, Carbohydrate 16.4g, Sugars 16.4g, Sodium 110mg, Calcium 381mg (48%RDI). Per 100g, Energy 278kJ (67Cal), Protein 5.7g, Gluten 0.0g, Fat Total 1.3g, Saturated 0.9g, Carbohydrate 8.2g, Sugars 8.2g, Sodium 55mg, Calcium 191mg.

Product Features

  • Sachet can be used with any yoghurt maker to make your own fresh yoghurt
  • Yoghurt Contains 4 active, live cultures including acidophilus and bifidus
  • Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free
  • Yoghurt is fresher than ready-to-eat yoghurt from the chiller shelf
  • Is easy to make and economical

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Easiyo Unsweetened Greek Style Yogurt Mix Sachets, 5 x 170g – Each makes 1kg

Thick and creamy Greek-style yoghurt, with no added sweetening – it’s a scrumptious addition to any breakfast bowl, great as a lunchtime treat with fresh fruit and a lovely accompaniment to hot puddings.

Each of the five sachets makes 1 kilo of thick Greek-style yoghurt in the EasiYo 1kg Yogurt Maker.

About EasiYo Yogurt

Delicious and nutritious, EasiYo yoghurt is really easy to make and just the thing for keeping you going until lunchtime. A great source of protein and calcium with absolutely no artificial ingredients but lots of great flavour, there are plenty of good reasons to love making your own yummy yoghurt at home. It’s low-GI, gluten-free and, with so many tasty options to choose from, you can enjoy sinking your spoon into a different one every day.

Originally from New Zealand, EasiYo yoghurt mixes are packed with live cultures of ‘friendly bacteria’ that give yoghurt its legendary health properties. As these beneficial cultures have a limited lifespan, freshly-made yoghurt is best and EasiYo has loads of them in every spoonful – far more than you’ll find in most of the ones available on supermarket shelves.

Specially formulated for use with the EasiYo Yoghurt Maker only.

Each sachet makes one kilo of fresh yoghurt.

5 x 170g sachets

Product Features

  • Packed with calcium, and very economical, it is so simple to make
  • Specially formulated for use with the EasiYo Yogurt Maker only
  • Each sachet makes one litre of fresh yogurt
  • 5 x 170g sachets
  • Suitable for vegetarians & gluten free

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Lakeland Electric Yoghurt Maker – 1 Litre

Home-made yogurt is twice as nice and half the price of shop bought, and surprisingly simple to make. Create up to 1 litre of delicious, healthy yogurt in just 8 hours with our economical, electric yogurt maker that costs just pennies to run.

How to Use the Yogurt Maker

Firstly choose your milk – slimmers can save calories with skimmed, and with whole milk, results will be deliciously thick and creamy every time. If dairy is a no go then you can even use soya milk.

Once you have chosen your milk and prepared it, simply add 2 teaspoons of live, unflavoured, natural yogurt to the machine and gradually stir in 900ml of milk. Turn the yogurt maker on and leave it undisturbed for 8 hours. The temperature is maintained at 40-47°C for optimum production.

After 8 hours turn the machine off, lift out the inner bowl and allow to cool. You will have a litre of perfect, healthy yogurt with no additives or preservatives that will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

If you make yogurt on a regular basis save a couple of spoonful’s each time you make it and use it to start your next batch.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy straight from the fridge or as a healthy snack with fruit or to top muesli. You can add flavourings such as milkshake powder, pureed fruit or vanilla extract. If you want to add flavourings do this once your yogurt is made as flavourings can inhibit the incubation process.

Your yogurt can even be transformed into herby dips or a base for salad dressing by adding chopped herbs or garlic or ground spices.

A full instruction leaflet is included and features hints, tips and serving suggestions.

16cm Dia x 23cm H. (6 ¼” x 9″) 9W.

Capacity 1 litre

3 Year Guarantee

If you buy this product from Lakeland and you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return it for up to 3 years – proof of purchase is necessary.

Product Features

  • Home-made yoghurt – twice as nice and half the price of shop-bought
  • Electrically operated, makes 1 litre of healthy home-made yoghurt with no additives or preservatives
  • Enjoy as a snack, with muesli or transformed into herby dips
  • Needs just a little natural yoghurt and some milk (whole milk make it thick and creamy)
  • Costs pennies to run. 16cm Dia x 23cm H.

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Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies, 30 count

Digestive Advantage is a daily probiotics supplement that targets your specific digestive health needs and with continued use, gives you long-term digestive support. Digestive Advantage contains BC30, a probiotic that survives 100 times better than yogurt and leading probiotics to deliver good bacteria where you need it. This probiotics supplement helps lessen minor abdominal discomfort, bloating, occasional diarrhea and supports immune health. Get your chewable probiotic gummies from Digestive Advantage today, and experience the benefits for yourself!

Product Features

  • Promotes long term digestive and immune health with continued use
  • Delicious natural fruit-flavored gummies with no artificial flavors
  • Helps lessen minor abdominal discomfort, bloating and may relieve occasional diarrhea
  • BC30, the probiotic in Digestive Advantage, survives stomach acid 100x better than leading probiotics and yogurts
  • For Adults and Kids 3 years of age and older

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Leogreen – Yoghurt Maker, Machine for Natural and Healthy Yogurt, 12 jars, 12 x 9.8 x 4.9 inch, White, Capacity per jar: 0.21 L

Create your favorite flavor of yogurt naturally, right in your own kitchen! Make a different flavor in each of the included glass jars at the same time with this yogurt maker. The very simple design is also super easy to use. Easily experiment with different tastes and thicknesses, customize your yogurt to suit your particular liking. Drastically improve your health by making your own 100% natural healthy yogurt with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients, while saving money by eliminating the need to buy containers of yogurt from the store ever again.

Product Features:

Capacity per jar: 0.21 L
Wattage: 21.5 W
Material: Glass, Polypropylene panel, Stainless steel
Standard/Certification: DGCCRF, LFGB, CE, GS, EMC, LVD
Voltage: 220-240V
Carton weight: 5.65lb(s)
Carton size: 13.39*11.82*6.7inch(es)

Your package contains:
– Machine for Home Made Yogurt x1

Product Features

  • ✅ BPA-free: safe for you, your family and your friends to use • Eliminate wasteful packaging from store-bought yogurts and save money • Large capacity: A modern kitchen utensil to make desserts for yourself and the whole family
  • ✅ Make your own home-made yogurt with the ingredients and flavor of your choice • Place the jars without the lids into the yoghurt maker to make the home-made yoghurt • Comes with a user guide for your convenience
  • ✅ Convenient to use: Transparent lid helps you control the process easily • One-touch operation, simple, fast and efficient
  • ✅ In 8 to 15 hours, get yogurt with an amazing taste • Can produce various types of yogurt: Make a classic yogurt using the container, or make a greek yogurt with both the strainer and the container
  • ✅ Material: Glass, Polypropylene panel • Standard/Certification: DGCCRF, LFGB • Voltage: 220-240V

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3 IntimateCare Sea Sponges – 100% Natural Mediterranean Silk Sponge – Bleached – Natural Tampon Alternative – Plastic Free Packaging – Biodegradable

Product Features

  • 3 x Medium IntimateCare Sea Sponge – 100% Natural Mediterranean Silk Sponge – Natural Tampon Alternative – Super Comfortable – Earth Friendly – Biodegradable
  • BODY FRIENDLY IntimateCare sea sponges offer absorbency comparative to “regular” size tampons, without toxic chemical ingredients. Plush and silky soft fibers conform to individual anatomy for super comfortable protection. Not dry or irritating.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: Ethical harvesting protects marine biology. Reusable. Biodegradable.
  • ECONOMICAL: Less waste and more savings! It’s easy to rinse and reuse IntimateCare sponges. Average of 3 to 6 months use or longer.
  • VERSATILE: Often used a natural tampon replacement, to ease prolapse pressure, for mess-free period sex, or to hold vaginal remedies in place.
  • PREMIUM STANDARD: Mediterranean Silk sea sponges are the premium standard for intimate use. Durable, absorbent, and super soft. Hand selected to ensure the sponges you receive are pristine and high quality.

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Science4You Sweet Factory kit Educational Science Toy STEM Toy

Have fun making marshmallow teacakes, Sweets of Yoghurt & Homemade soft drinks!! Kit contains: 2 Educational Books, Cornflour, Sachet of Strawberry jelly. Sachet of Tutti-Frutti jelly, Sachet of Citric acid, Sachets of gelatine, Sachet of sprinkles, Thermometer, Silicone mould, Lollipop sticks, Measuring spoon, Small measuring cups, Crepe paper sheets, Satin ribbons, Decorative stickers, Straws. FIND OUT HOW TO – Make delicious jelly sweets in worm shapes! How to make lollipops : How to make tasty & colourful sweets, How to make sweets of yoghurt, marshmallow teacakes & homemade soft drinks. RECOMMENDED AGE 8 years and above

Product Features

  • Learn how to make tasty and colourful sweets
  • Have fun making marshmallow teacakes, yogurt sweets and homemade soft drinks.
  • Make your own delicious jelly sweets, lollipops and colourful sweets
  • Fun culinary experiments where children will learn about the science of cooking
  • 40 Exciting experiments included
  • Suitable for 8 years +
  • 2 educational books included with 28 pages each

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Bazaar Yoice Electric Automatic Fruit Yogurt Maker Household Kitchen Appliance Machine

Description : Yoice 220V Electric Automatic Fruit Yogurt Maker Household Kitchen Machine This is automatic yogurt maker, DIY your favorite taste yogurt, fresh and healthy. Nice appearance, transparent cover, you can see the process of making yogurt clearly. PTC heating element, safe and energy saving. The container adopts preservation box design, protect from contamination during the process of making and keeping yogurt fresh. Can make 1L yogurt at one time, add milk or soymilk and your favorite fruits, enjoy the delicious yogurt with your family 🙂 Warm tips : Better eat it within 3 days, because during these time, lactobacillus is the most active. Specification : Brand : Yoice Material : Stainless steel + High quality food grade PP Capacity : 1000ml Rate power : 15W Rate voltage : 220V-240V 50HZ Weight : 900g Size : 24 x 16cm/9.4 x 6.3inch Package Includes : 1 x Yoice Automatic Multi-function Yogurt Maker 1 x Mini&safe power adapter according to your country (Comes in color retail gift box) Details Pictures : Add chocolate or juice can make your yogurt more colorful and delicious 🙂 Lots of benefits of yogurt 🙂 Not only the healthy food but also the great helper for beauty 🙂 More way of DIY your different tastey fruit yogurt 🙂

Product Features

  • Yoice Electric Automatic
  • Fruit Yogurt Maker
  • Men
  • Please Allow 7-23 Business Days For Delivery
  • Package Contains One Item

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Opies Greek Black Cherries with Luxardo Kirsch in Jar, 460g

Plump, liqueur-soaked Greek cherries that will transform simple fare into something magnificent.

Hand-bottled and preserved in light kirsch syrup, these Black Cherries with Luxardo Kirsch are scrumptious served with baked soft cheese, poached pears, yogurt or ice cream. Presented in a pretty glass jar they would make the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for food lovers.


Product Features

  • Deliciously plump liqueur-soaked Greek cherries
  • Preserved in light kirsch syrup
  • Scrumptious way to transform simple fare
  • Perfectly complements poached pears, ice cream, yoghurt or soft baked cheese
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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