PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS – This NEW PROBIOTICS Multi Strain Pill are Specially Formulated For a Healthy Colon and Digestion System – This Specialist Supplement Provides 4 Billion Naturally Occurring and Extremely Valuable Micro Organisms Prebiotics and Friendly Bacteria For Healthy Intestinal and GUT FLORA – BOOST Your immune System and Keep illness at Bay ! Helps With Crohn’s Ulcerative Colitis Crohns Disease Colitis IBS Coeliac Disease Candida Gall Stones – 2 x 30 Probiotics Tablets Enough for TWO Months Supply !

A healthy colon is home to over 500 different micro-organisms. The majority of these bacteria have a beneficial impact on the gut, serving to combat the ‘bad’ bacteria such as Salmonella. This healthy balance is known as gut flora. Over 80% of our immunity is based in the gut wall. Most disease stems from a reduction in probiotic bacteria, causing harmful micro-organisms to penetrate the gut wall and develop, also lowering our immunity. A compromised immune system will be susceptible to an array of illnesses and may even spark off allergic reactions. PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS have been formulated to overcome the problem. Stress, poor diet, antibiotics and processed food are just s few of the ways in which our gut flora can be thrown into disarray. Thankfully, by taking multi strength probiotics we can maintain a healthy gut, thus avoiding so many potential illnesses. PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS will provide protection to the many different good bacteria found in various locations within the digestive system, maintaining a balanced gut flora and strengthening our immune systems. PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS offers 4 billion organisms per capsule. This potent strength of probiotic is extremely useful for people with pre-existing conditions such as; Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Colitis, IBS, Coeliac disease, Candida, Gall Stones and even restoring mental health disorders. PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS are specifically designed to withstand the strong acidity as it travels through the body. Similarly, it is necessary for the rest to take a probiotic supplement, (or eat tonnes of yoghurt) and the PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS which contains 4 billion good bacteria will ensure a healthy gut flora, therefore avoiding certain illnesses. Additionally, this product will aid problems with flatulence, bloating, bad breath, body odour and indigestion.

Product Features

  • PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS – This Specialist Supplement provides 4 Billion naturally occurring and extremely valuable micro organisms. These, in turn, will boost your immunity, providing you with the necessary protection needed to keep illness at bay ! Furthermore, should you become sick, PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS will aid the recovery and balance of the intestinal flora
  • PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE PLUS – Included in this specialist supplement are non-digestible food constituents called prebiotics. Their main function is to stimulate growth of established ‘good’ bacteria in the body.
  • This Potent Probiotic Supplement is Extremely Useful for People with Pre-existing Conditions such as; Crohn’s disease Ulcerative Colitis Crohn’s Colitis IBS, Coeliac Disease Candida Gall Stones and even Restoring Mental Health Disorders – 60 x High Strength Tablets Enough For Up To 2 Months Supply !
  • FREE Healthy Eating Plan With Every Order and FREE UK First Class Delivery On this Item with Same Day Dispatch If Ordered Before 1pm !
  • This Product is UK MANUFACTURED under the Strictest GMP Standards So You Can be Sure they are 100% Safe – BEWARE of Cheap Pills As Many Have Never Been Tested And May Contain Harmful Additives

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