Science4You Sweet Factory kit Educational Science Toy STEM Toy

Have fun making marshmallow teacakes, Sweets of Yoghurt & Homemade soft drinks!! Kit contains: 2 Educational Books, Cornflour, Sachet of Strawberry jelly. Sachet of Tutti-Frutti jelly, Sachet of Citric acid, Sachets of gelatine, Sachet of sprinkles, Thermometer, Silicone mould, Lollipop sticks, Measuring spoon, Small measuring cups, Crepe paper sheets, Satin ribbons, Decorative stickers, Straws. FIND OUT HOW TO – Make delicious jelly sweets in worm shapes! How to make lollipops : How to make tasty & colourful sweets, How to make sweets of yoghurt, marshmallow teacakes & homemade soft drinks. RECOMMENDED AGE 8 years and above

Product Features

  • Learn how to make tasty and colourful sweets
  • Have fun making marshmallow teacakes, yogurt sweets and homemade soft drinks.
  • Make your own delicious jelly sweets, lollipops and colourful sweets
  • Fun culinary experiments where children will learn about the science of cooking
  • 40 Exciting experiments included
  • Suitable for 8 years +
  • 2 educational books included with 28 pages each

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