Sistema Bento Box to Go with Fruit/Yogurt Pot, 1.76 L – Clear/Blue

Product Features

  • Movable compartments to keep lunch items, snacks separated and fresh until ready to eat
  • Includes seal-tight yogurt/fruit pot
  • Designed for food on the go: sandwiches, wraps, fruit, vegetables and snacks
  • Dishwasher (top rack only), microwave, fridge and freezer safe
  • Designed and made in New Zealand, phthalate and BPA free

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2 Responses to Sistema Bento Box to Go with Fruit/Yogurt Pot, 1.76 L – Clear/Blue

  1. Andrew P. says:

    Bit too big and leaks Few problems with it – Its a bit big… That’s my fault should have read the description better. Its about the size of an adult shoe box only more shallow.The big issue I had was that it isn’t waterproof, I had some sundried tomatoes in one section. Put the box in my bag, because its so huge I could only put it upright. By the time I got to work my bag and laptop were covered in tomato oil. Big Fail.I’ve got a few different Sistema boxes and they are great – no leakage…

  2. Shimali Burah says:

    Good quality, didn’t come with the yogurt pot It’s a lot bigger than you realize, but that’s not really a problem for me. My main issue with this is that it came without the yogurt pot. I actually forgot it was supposed to have one until I came here to review it and had a look at the description – definitely no yogurt pot with my purchase. Having used it a couple of times, the catch on the lid isn’t great as well – very stiff, takes me a few tries to hear the click of it shut.I will say though that it’s good quality plastic. I…

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