Strawberry Yoghurt Chalk Based Furniture Paint great for creating a shabby chic style. 250ml

Renovate and transform furniture with Rainbow Chalk’s Furniture Paint. A matt finish, Water-based paint with virtually no odour. The paint can be used directly onto Wood (bare or painted), brick, stone, plaster or any suitably primed rigid surface (eg.metal, plastic, ect). Create a distressed look by applying two coats in contrasting colours then sanding / scoring when dry. Product Specifications 250ml Tin of Strawberry Yogurt Furniture Paint Preparation: For best results, ensure surface is clean and free from wax or oil. If wax has been used clean the surface thoroughly with white spirit. We recommend that bare wood should be sanded before painting. Application: Stir thoroughly prior to use. The product may be applied by brush or roller. If applying by brush, apply evenly following the grain of the wood. If rolling, use a short nap mohair roller. To create a distressed look apply two coats in contrasting colours. Allow to dry then lightly abrade with moistened sand paper or stainless steel scoring pad – abrade with the grain of the wood. Coverage: up to 12m2 per litre. Coverage may vary depending upon method and rate of application and porosity of surface. Drying Time: Touch dry in 1 hour. Handle after 2 hours. Apply a second coat after 2 hours if necessary. Full hardness after 3 hours. Clean Up: with water. Do not empty into drains or water courses. Some local authorities have special facilities for the disposal of waste coatings.

Product Features

  • Strawberry Yogurt Furniture Paint is a great way to create the Shabby Chic Style furniture
  • Shabby Chic furniture paint is a water-based paint which needs no primer before use
  • Simply paint with a brush or roller straight onto bare wood metal plastic brick stone plaster.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Create a distressed look by applying two coats in contrasting colours then sand or score when dry.

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  1. Carrie

    Five Stars

  2. Lisa O'Hagan

    Don’t order the champagne gold, it’s silver! This is my favourite make of chalk paint, and I paint furniture regularly but whenever I can I choose a colour from the Shabby Chic Furniture Paint range. Their Licuorice and Chalky White are both lovely. This colour I didn’t use before, from the first look I can’t agree with the previous reviewer noting it’s grey-pink. It does look strawberry yoghurt to me? It’s a creamy pink slight lilac undertone and very slight greyish – so more close to a dusty pink tone and won’t stand out as ‘baby pink’…