Frozen Yogurt Recipes: Make Delicious Homemade Frozen Yogurt With These Easy Recipes! Ice Cream, Easy And Tasty Treats

Create Delicious Homemade Frozen Yogurt With These Recipes!

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Ice Cream Maker Single – A Handy Ice Cream Machine For Delicious Homemade Ice Creams & Frozen yogurt

Making your very own deliciously tempting ice cream at home is a breeze with the My Ice Cream Maker Single. The quick freeze mug allows you to make up to 0.5 litre of ice cream or refreshing sorbet in as little as 15 minutes. It also features a handy chute which allows you to easily pour in your favourite mix-ins such as chocolate chips and nuts whilst the ice cream is churning. Indulge your creative side and produce your very own mouth-watering recipes, just pop in your favourite flavours and let the Ice Cream machine do all the work!

Treat yourself or a friend to their very own ice cream mug to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The Ice cream machine is simple and easy to use and clean with no fuss!

So get your hands on your very own Ice Cream Mug, and indulge your creative side and produce your very own mouth-watering recipes, just pop in your favourite flavours and let the machine do all the work!
Technical Specification:
WEIGHT: 2.5 kg
AC 220 – 240V
50Hz 7.3 – 9.5W
By JM Posner For The Home, the home of all ‘fun foods’.

Product Features

  • JMP For The Home – introduces A Easy assemble, maintenance and portable ice-cream maker
  • The Retro Single 0.5L Capacity Ice Cream Maker has a Quick Freezing Bowl
  • Its Simple functioning means its perfect for the Kids and allows them to have fun whilst making Delicious Ice Cream, Sweet Sorbet and frozen yogurt in just 15-25 mins!
  • Has a Front Chute for Adding Delicious Toppings to your Ice Cream such as Chocolate Shavings and Mini Marshmallows
  • The Ice Cream Machine Includes Recipe Ideas Booklet – great ideas to create Ice Cream with Chocolate, Mint, Lemon Sorbet and Raspberry Frozen Yogurt or even a Thick Milkshake

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Surprising Yogurt Treats: Delicious Greek Yogurt Recipes with a Twist – Enjoy Healthy Meals with Family

Greek yogurt is a dairy product that is different from sweeter and regular yogurt. Makers of Greek yogurt follow an extra step while processing to drain out excessive minerals, lactose and water. As a result, you will get rich and creamy yogurt with more carbs and less sugar. The acidity level of Greek yogurt makes it easy for human body to absorb important nutrients. You can make delicious food with Greek yogurt and increase its nutritional content.

The “Surprising Yogurt Treats: Delicious Greek Yogurt Recipes with a Twist – Enjoy Healthy Meals with Family” contains delicious recipes. This book offers:

• Healthy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Recipes
• Delicious Chicken Recipe with Greek Yogurt
• Greek Yogurt Sauces and Condiments
• Delicious Greek Yogurt Appetizers and Soup
• Healthy Smoothies and Pie with Greek Yogurt

Read this book and get delicious recipes to cook at home. These healthy meals are easy to prepare for everyone.

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Kebab Skewers – Set of 6 Stainless Steel Flat, Wide, 37cm BBQ Skewers with Ring-Tip Handles – Includes eBook “Secrets to Making Delicious Kebabs”

While the Near East has some of the earliest recorded evidence of cooking meat on skewers, every culture has some form of “food on a stick.”

Skewers are available in various lengths, widths and styles, but the most popular materials used are stainless steel and wood. More often than not, what is sold as “wood” is probably bamboo. Metal skewers have one added virtue over wood or bamboo in that as they cook, heat is transferred through the center of the meat.

Whether you are cooking meats like chicken or pork souvlaki, shrimp, beef, steak, ham, or lobster kabobs, you can prepare them using a searing high heat and know that the meat will cook quickly and evenly on the inside before it burns on the outside.

With a metal skewer, the flat, wide blade style is most preferred. They provide a secure, stable hold on the food as it cooks, plus they infuse more heat into the center of the food. They are best suited for big chunks of meat or vegetables.

The flat surface makes these BBQ skewers ideal for use in more open air grilling environments, not limiting them to the standard backyard barbeque. In a nod to tradition, you can arrange bricks or stones around an open fire and lay the kebabs evenly on the bricks and directly over the heat. For the more sophisticated BBQ’er, you could use our innovative and versatile Kebab Rack instead.

These flat, sturdy extra wide skewers look and cook even better. Chunks of beef or pork, fish, even wet vegetables, like tomatoes and mushrooms won’t slip or spin as they do on conventional wood or metal skewers. Turn these BBQ skewers without worrying about losing food. And unlike ordinary wood skewers, these all-metal handles won’t burn and break.

Each skewer measures 3/8 inch wide by 17 inches long. Hand washing will extend the skewers’ life but may also be cleaned safely in a dishwasher.

Please note: Metal skewers get VERY hot during use, so don’t attempt to flip them using your bare fingers.

Product Features

  • COOKS QUICKER & MORE EVENLY – The flat, wide steel transfers the heat through the center of the meat/vegetable, allowing you to use searing high heat, and cooking your kebabs/kabobs quickly and more evenly, from the inside out, and locking in the juices for a tastier meal. These are must have BBQ tools for every seasoned griller.
  • FOOD WON’T SLIP – Common wood skewers pose all sorts of problems. They burn, splinter, & fall apart while you’re cooking your kabobs. However, these skewers are flat, durable, and extra wide & are designed to hold a lot of food, and fit perfectly on our Kebab Rack. Chunks of beef, pork, fish, fruit and even wet vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms won’t slip or spin as they do on conventional wood or metal skewers. Rotate these kebab skewers without worrying about losing food on the grill.
  • HOW TO MAKE GREAT KEBABS – In theory, meat on sticks is an awesome idea…fast to cook, easy to eat, and totally open to great flavor possibilities. But far too many kebabs fall flat, coming out dry, tasteless, and nowhere near their full potential. Your BBQ skewers come with an eBook guide, detailing the best cuts of meat to use, and how to cook them correctly, so that you can treat your family, friends, and neighbors to a succulent meal that they’ll never forget.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Made with superior quality materials, we stand behind our products 100%, and offer a free upgrade to a lifetime limited warranty. Buy from us with peace of mind knowing that if you ever have an issue with your BBQ skewers, you can return them for a full refund or receive replacements.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED – With a top-tier, highly accessible and responsive customer support team, our integral focus is that your experience with our brand and products is OUTSTANDING. We are a trustworthy, dependable company, and centered around serving our customers. Any questions or concerns are handled quickly and with the utmost importance.

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Homemade Yogurt Recipes : 50 Delicious of Homemade Yogurt (Homemade Yogurt, Homemade Yogurt Recipe Book, Homemade Yogurt Recipe, Homemade Yogurt Cookbooks) (Mark Wright Cookbook Series No.4)

Homemade Yogurt Recipes : 50 Delicious of Homemade Yogurt (Homemade Yogurt, Homemade Yogurt Recipe Book, Homemade Yogurt Recipe, Homemade Yogurt Cookbooks, Homemade Yogurt Cookbook) (Mark Wright Cookbook Series No.4)

A Yoghurt is a milk- based product thickened by a bacterium curdling process. It is also spiced up with the addition of flavors. To savor and capture the true taste of a yoghurt, an iced yogurt is the best. There are quite a number of yogurt recipes out there. Restaurants utilize different recipes depending on the expertise of chef, complexity of the recipe and the size of the restaurant.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need to quench the longing for a yogurt, but you cannot get to where it is sold, then the simple solution is to master the preparation of a homemade yoghurt recipe. A homemade yoghurt is faster and easier to prepare compared to the ones sold in restaurants. It has series of advantages over the recipes utilized In restaurants.

One advantage of a homemade yoghurt recipe over the ones utilized in restaurants is food safety. Preparing yoghurt at home will give you the tranquility of mind you need in knowing that you have utilized the freshest ingredients and can be rest assured knowing your yoghurt has been stored and cooked at the correct temperatures. In other words, a homemade yogurt reduces the probability of food poisoning.

Another advantage of a homemade yoghurt recipe is that the quantity of nutritious ingredients far outweighs a restaurant made yoghurt. Restaurants meal are known to be high in calories sugars, fats, sodium and carbohydrates, and it is also likely they may contain low nutritional content. on the other hand, a homemade yoghurt recipe allows you to determine the appropriate nutritional content of the yoghurt and allows you to remove what you may consider unimportant in your yoghurt. A homemade recipe puts you in charge of your meal and what you consume. Most importantly, It completely eradicates the occurring of allergic reactions and sensitivities. It impossible for an individual to prepare a meal and add an ingredient he/she is allergic to.

Beyond the advantages of a homemade yoghurt to restaurant made yoghurt, all yoghurt recipes have a positive effect on the human health when consumed. One benefit of yoghurt to human health is the supply of calcium and vitamin D. Since yoghurt is basically milk, consumers of yoghurt can be rest of vitamin D and calcium intake. A regular intake of calcium and vitamin D have been proven to be beneficial to the skeletal framework and help bone formation. This help reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

The human body requires a certain amount of ”good” bacteria in the digestive tract for a successful and smooth digestive process. Since yoghurt and bacteria are in a romantic relationship, consuming yoghurt provides a reasonable quantity of “good” bacteria. It also prevents constipation and diarrhea.

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