VersionTech Cooking Digital Thermometer with LCD Display,Instant-Read,Anti-Corrosion,Long Probe for Food,Meat,Grill,BBQ,Candy,Milk and Bath Water

Featuring Pen-type structure, solid stainless steel probe and LCD display, VersionTech Thermometer gives you a accurate, fast temperature measurement.This upgrade version increase the measuring range to -50°C~+300°C(-58°F~+572°F) with higher stability. It’s capable for switching Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F) free at will, on the fly for thermometry of food both indoor and outdoor.

Technical Specifications:
Kitchen food thermometer, barbecue, grilled thermometer
Dimensions: Overall length 23.5CM & prober length: 15CM
Weight: 0.4g
Measuring range: temperature of meat, past, oil, milk, yogurt, butter, etc.
Temperature measurement range: -50°C ~ 300°C (-58°F ~ + 572°F)
Margin of error: 1°C/°F
ON / OFF: Switch Function
°C / °F: Display temperature state, press it for switching
HOLD key: Pressing once displays the value of LCD maintained at HOLD state, pressing again restores the temperature detection measurements. Executing HOLD function enables LCD to show the HOLD accord. (HOLD button: When the thermometer probe is out of water, it will be changed by air temperature, therefore please press HOLD key to lock the temperature display)
Max / min Minimum Maximum temperature memory function

What’s included:
1*VersionTech thermometer

Seller Warranty:
45-Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Product Warranty

Product Features

  • Temperature accuracy ¡À1¡æ / ¨H: Gives accurate temperature accurate readings.
  • ¡æ/¨H Key: Offers both Fahrenheit and Celsius reading options for your convenience. Range: -50℃~+300℃(-58¨H~+572¨H)
  • Power saving mode: Has 10 minutes auto power off function, never worry about forgetting to turn it off.
  • Versatile: Perfect for all recipes – banana bread, tuna casserole, taco casserole, Greek yogurt, frozen yogurt, and deep fried turkey, etc.
  • 100% lifetime guarantee: We will take good care of any problem with it, no Worries of after-dale.

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Vivo © Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars & Automatic LCD Display

Product Features

  • Description: Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars & Automatic LCD Display.
  • Create 100% natural, healthy yoghurt in the comfort of your own kitchen. Much more nutritious & economical than ready-made yoghurt from the shops. Easy to use LCD control panel comes with function button, time and temperature settings, increase and decrease buttons and a start/ cancel button. Contemporary white design looks stylish in any kitchen.
  • Features: 20W power. 1.5L capacity. 7x 200ml glass jar with lids. Mechanical heating by PTC. Stylish design. More nutritional. Electrically operated, makes healthy home-made yoghurt with no additives or preservatives. Needs just a little natural yoghurt and some milk (whole milk to make it thick and creamy). Very low running cost. Full instructions included.
  • Dimensions: Width 276mm x Depth 246mm x Height 148mm.
  • Creating the creamiest, dreamiest yoghurt is easy: 1) Add natural yoghurt/culture to pre-boiled milk. 2) Get creative with flavours/ingredients. 3) Fill yoghurt with your favourite fruit or go for something different like chocolate chips. 4) You can experiment with different thicknesses as well, ensuring the yoghurt is just how you like it. 5) If you fancy something a little more savoury, use it to create delicious herb dips. 6) Fermentation takes between 8-12 hrs, depending on the type of milk.

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Ecandy Electronic Digital BBQ Meat Thermometer, Instant & Accurate Smoker Grill Thermometer for Barbecue/Food/Candy with Collapsible Internal Probe (Blue)

1. Voice broadcast talking for convenient use
2. Blue backlight for easy reading the temperature
3. Automatically turn off when no-operations for 10 mins for saving power

Temperature Measuring Range: -58℉ (-50℃) ~ 572℉ (300℃).
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel Probe
Measuring Time: 4 -7 seconds
Power Supply:2 PCs 1.5V AAA Batteries(Not Included)
Display resolution +- 0.1.
Talking and LED night function.
Instant read.
Size: 6 x 1 x 1 inch

1.DO NOT leave the thermometer in oven while the oven is working.
2.DO NOT touch the hot probe with bare hands.
3.Wash the metal probe in soapy water. Clean the thermometer body with damp cloth.
4.The metal probe can be sterilized by soaking in boiling water for several minutes.

Package Includes:
1 x Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Product Features

  • super fast meat thermometer: instant digital readout within 4-6 seconds,℉/℃ switchable,auto shut-off and hold feature,large lcd display.easy to carry and store in your kitchen drawer.perfect for Kitchen,Outdoor cooking,bbq,liquid,food,meat,candy,coffee,milk and bath water temperature.
  • Voice broadcast talking – so you DO NOT need to bend down and try to look at the screen to read the temperature,just pressing the button and the thermemoter will tell you the exact temperature,and you can keep your eyes and another hand cooking,grilling etc.easy and convenient!
  • Wide temperature range of -58℉ to 572℉(-50-300℃),accurate to ±1℉ (between -4℉ to 392℉) makes these utensils the best for use when grilling on your gas barbecue or turkey fryer,making candy,using hot oil to deep fry,brewing beer and wine and even making cheese and bread.
  • Smart design: auto-shut off to save battery life if readout stays for 10 minutes.stainless foldable tapered probe-length 11cm,simply pull out the probe,insert into your food or liquid and read the temperature.
  • A must have kitchen accessory: This smart tool ensures your brewing beer or wine will be in a perfect temperature; makes your candy tasty and brings you the best roasted chicken and steaks. Thanks to its long stainless steel sharp probe, the stick slides into and comes out from your meat easily, always with the most accurate results.

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Duronic YM2 Digital Display 8 Ceramic Pot Electric Yoghurt Maker – Perfect for Making Fresh Healthy Natural Yoghurt at Home

The YM2 Yoghurt maker from Duronic

Become your very own super chef by making deliciously fresh, nutritious, healthy yoghurt in your very own kitchen with our electric yoghurt maker. With only 2 base ingredients you can start making an array of different flavoured yoghurts. Soon you could be making the yoghurts that you have been seeing in the store shelves in your very own kitchen.

Whatever flavoured yoghurt you desire you can make it with this yoghurt maker in as little as 8 hours. There is a 24 hour timer to allow you to control the acidity of the yoghurt. If you want 1 pot or 8 pots, use this yoghurt maker to make the required amount every time. This is the perfect family sized yoghurt maker which can be used every day to make fresh yoghurts, and different flavours if required for different pots.

The quality parts on the outside matches all the high-tech components that have been installed inside to make this yoghurt maker work efficiently to make sure you get delicious yoghurt on time, every time.

With the Duronic yoghurt maker, you could be making different flavoured yoghurt such as:

Natural yoghurt

Vanilla yoghurt

Strawberry yoghurt

Chocolate yoghurt

Coffee yoghurt

Exotic yoghurt

Best of all, we back all our products with warranty to keep you covered and give you peace of mind. This yoghurt maker is backed by a 2 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Making yoghurt at home is easier than you think. All you need is a small pot of fresh yoghurt and milk. Heat the milk to boiling temperature and then let it cool down. Mix the warm milk with some fresh yoghurt and pour it into the ceramic pots provided and switch the machine on and set timer to 8hrs, you will end up with fresh yoghurt. As you make more and more yoghurt you can start to be adventurous and make different flavoured yoghurt by blending the milk with fruits or adding flavours.
  • With the Duronic YM2 Yoghurt maker you can make 100% natural, fresh, healthy yoghurt from the comfort of your own kitchen. When you make your own yoghurt you can always make the flavours unique to your own taste, best of all; you can rest assured that there are no E numbers, and that your yoghurt is guaranteed to be more fresh, nutritious and tasty then yoghurt purchased off the shelf.
  • The machine is very easy to use thanks to its clever control panel. You select the timer to allow the machine to work between 1-24 hours, in most case the yoghurt can be made in 8-12hrs. The different hour settings results to different textures to suit different customers’ requirements. 8 X 125ml Ceramic pots provided with lids to easily store away the yoghurt after it’s made.
  • Our model is the latest design in yoghurt makers. Every aspect of the model has been carefully thought of. An efficient 20W motor powers the unit. Its lightweight thanks to the material used to make it so you can easily move it around the kitchen 8 pots sit very nicely inside the main compartment without moving out of place. The power cable also detaches from the unit making it easier to store away.
  • Be the chef in your own kitchen by learning how to make all the different types of yoghurt such as: Greek yoghurt, strawberry flavoured yoghurt, exotic yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt, chocolate yoghurt, coffee flavoured yoghurt and many more. The more you use it the more confident you will be in trialling more adventurous flavours.

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Klarstein Gaia 12 Jar Yoghurt Maker Digital Display 100% Natural Simple Self-Production (Up to 2.5L, 12 Portion-Sized Jars with Screw-On Caps, Individually Adjustable Preparation Time)

Handy yoghurt maker prepares up to 12 servings of homemade yogurt.
Total volume of 2.5 litres – 12 separate glasses at 210ml.

The Klarstein Gaia Yoghurt Makers allows you to make your own delicious and healthy
yoghurt immediately with the ingredients of your choice.Yoghurt has many health
benefits and can contribute greatly to your well-being. However, industrially
produced yoghurt often has a low amount of fruit and a high sugar content. The
Klarstein yoghurt maker easily solves this problem.
To make yoghurt, only the basic ingredients of milk and bacterial cultures are
needed. From these ingredients, the device prepares ready-to-eat yoghurt in an
individually adjustable time. The Gaia yoghurt maker even has glasses in individual
portion sizes, ready for consumption. These small glasses feature leak-proof screw
caps, making them ideal for transporting your finished yoghurt to work or school so
that you can enjoy a healthy treat on the go.
The uniform heat distribution inside of the Klarstein device allows you to produce
curd as well as yoghurt.
Whether you prefer sweet, natural, or tart yoghurt, and whether you like it flavoured
with fruit, nuts, or other treats, the Klarstein Gaia makes it all. You can create
yoghurt just how you want it at any time.
The 12 glass jars rest perfectly on the yoghurt maker’s warming plate. With its
compact dimensions, the Gaia yoghurt maker has a very small footprint that fits
easily into even smaller kitchens. The stainless steel band surrounding the housing
of the device gives it a stylish visual presence.

Top Features:

• Easy production of up to 2.5 litres of yoghurt
• 12 portion-sized glasses with convenient screw caps
• Simple operation and individually-adjustable preparation time
• Elegant case with stainless steel frame

Product Features

  • Easy production of up to 2.5 litres of yoghurt | 12 portion-sized glasses with convenient screw caps | Simple operation and individually-adjustable preparation time
  • Elegant case with stainless steel frame | Electronically controlled temperature regulation
  • 12 glass yoghurt jars with screw caps | Easy to clean with smooth surfaces and removable glasses | Transparent lid allows full control of the cooking process
  • The Klarstein Gaia Yoghurt Makers allows you to make your own delicious and healthy yoghurt immediately with the ingredients of your choice.Yoghurt has many health benefits and can contribute greatly to your well-being. However, industrially produced yoghurt often has a low amount of fruit and a high sugar content. The Klarstein yoghurt maker easily solves this problem. To make yoghurt, only the basic ingredients of milk and bacterial cultures are needed.

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Beisaqi 1L Automatic Digital Bulk Yogurt Maker with Stainless-Steel Container-Orange

Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 15 W
Capacity: 1 L
Container material: stainless steel
Product color: orange/blue
Product size: 17*17*16cm/6.7*6.7*6.3 in
Product Weight: 319 g
Package contains: 1 X Bulk yogurt maker with stainless steel container

Product Features

  • Create 100% natural, healthy yoghurt in your own kitchen! More nutritious and economical than ready-made yoghurt
  • 1L capacity stainless-steel container. Inner bowl Dimensions: 16 * 15 cm / 6.30 * 5.91 in(Diameter*Depth)
  • Automatic temperature operation, the temperature maintained at 40-47°C
  • Electrically operated and cost pennies to run, make a perfect, healthy yogurt with no additives or preservatives.
  • Using PTC heating 360° heating technology, efficient uniform heat, safe and energy saving

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VonShef 7 x 200ml Spare Replacement Glass Jars for Yoghurt Makers – suitable for the VonShef Digital Yoghurt Maker & many other brands – FREE 2 Year Warranty

Whip up bigger batches of natural, healthy yoghurt with this super-handy set of 7 replacement/ extra glass jars – an essential for every homemade yoghurt lover!

No more struggling to make enough yoghurt, this reusable set gives you the freedom to make an extra 1.4L of creamy goodness; more than enough to feed hungry mouths or see you through the week!

Vanilla, fruit or maybe something a little more exotic or luxurious; these jars will help you create drool-some yoghurts at a fraction of a cost of their store-bought counterparts. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment too, with less waste packaging going into the bin.

Made from durable clear glass with easy pop-on, pop-off opaque plastic lids to keep yoghurt fresh and delicious in the fridge or freezer til it’s time to tuck in! Food-safe and completely BPA-free for your peace of mind.

Don’t own a yoghurt maker? Not a problem, as these versatile jars can be used to store a variety of other foodstuffs. Baby food, dips, sauces; these jars are sure to come in handy in any kitchen!

Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Set comprises 7 x 200ml (0.2 litre) jars measuring approx. 7 x 7 x 8.2cm each.

Suitable for use with the VonShef Digital Yoghurt Maker (available to purchase separately) plus many other brands.

Product Features

  • Set of 7 replacement/ extra glass jars for the VonShef Digital Yoghurt Maker. Also suitable for use with other brands and models of yoghurt makers
  • Perfect for making bigger and extra batches of healthy, tasty and unique homemade yoghurt. Also ideal for storing other foodstuffs such as baby food, dips and sauces
  • Each jar has a 200ml/ 0.2L capacity and measures approx. 7 x 7 x 8.2cm – that’s an extra 1.4L of yoghurt!
  • Made from durable clear glass with pop-on, pop-off opaque plastic lids – food safe and BPA-free. Fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Free Extended 2 Year Warranty – Registration Required. *Terms and Conditions apply

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Savisto Ice Cream Maker – [Latest 2016 Digital Technology] Compact 1.5 Litre with Recipe Book – Red

Savisto 1.5 Litre Ice Cream, Sorbet & Frozen Yoghurt Maker

Introducing the brand new 1.5 litre frozen dessert maker, the perfect appliance for making your own homemade ice creams, sorbets or frozen yoghurts, only from Savisto; proud suppliers of the very best kitchen accessories, appliances, gadgets and equipment.

The large capacity 1.5 litre bowl is fully removable for easy cooling and cleaning and the large funnel allows you to continually add additional ingredients while the machine is mixing. You’re free to experiment with new flavours and ingredients and in no time your friends and family will be begging for more of your delicious desserts.

A Convenient Digital Display

Not only is this Savisto ice cream maker extremely quiet while in use, thanks to the unique low-noise level design; it also features a handy digital display so you know exactly how long is left in the mixing process. You don’t need to wait around and keep an eye on the process either; with a helpful timer, the machine is designed to run until your favourite ice cream is ready and then turn itself off, saving power and ensuring your dessert is perfectly mixed.

Product Features

  • Enjoy the Savisto ice cream maker, featuring the latest digital technology. You can set the timer and return when the ice cream has finished mixing; no need for you to wait around to turn the machine off.
  • Compact 1.5 litre fast freeze bowl: The large bowl means there will be enough ice cream for the whole family to enjoy. See ‘Bowl Size Guide’ in images for more information.
  • Perfect for making ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt in only 20 to 30 minutes. Complete with a 133 page recipe book for dessert ideas.
  • The extra-large funnel allows you to add ingredients while mixing. Chocolate, strawberries, sprinkles; the choice is yours.
  • Includes the Savisto ice cream maker and a 133 page recipe book. This product is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard (registration required).

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Cooks Professional Premium Digital Yoghurt Maker with LCD Display Screen and 7 x 200ml Yoghurt Jars Make Natural Healthy Yoghurt at Home.

Product Features

  • With a few simple steps you can create delicious home-made yogurts for half the price of shop bought with this fantastic yogurt maker.
  • Making yogurt to your own taste, you can keep them plain or add fruits, nuts or chocolates and you can even make them savoury for dips and sauces and for slimmer’s you can swap to skimmed or semi- skimmed milk for a healthy and tasty treat. Thanks to the easy to set time and temperature, you can create rich, thick and creamy yogurts or simple thinner ones as preferred.
  • The yogurt maker can hold up to seven jars and is easily operable with a clear LED display and user guide. In as little as eight hours the yogurt can be ready. Simple and stylish, the white contemporary design will sit in any kitchen or it is compact enough to be placed away when not in use.
  • To create healthy and delicious homemade yogurt you simply need 100ml of plain natural yogurt, add to boiled milk and leave the yogurt maker to do the rest. Please note fresh yogurt should be refrigerated for at least three hours before ready to eat.
  • Included is seven 180ml jars and full instructions. Measures L15 x W18 x H14 cm. Hand wash only.

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Horwood JEA46 7 x 150 ml Digital Yoghurt Maker, Silver

Judge Electric Digital Yoghurt Maker – JEA46

Product Features

  • Simple Mix live yoghurt with your choice of milk, switch on and leave over night.
  • Delicious 100% natural, no artificial flavours or colours.
  • Environmentally friendly – No wasted packaging.
  • 7 handy jars, 1 for each day of the week
  • Economical – Third the cost of pre-made yoghurt.

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