COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, 2 Litre/720W, Programmable Multifunctional Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer and Yogurt Maker with Glass Lid, Extra Sealing Ring and Recipe Book

Cook Faster, Eat Healthier, Feel Better with Online Recipes
Create enticing meals in minutes with the Cosori Personal Electric Pressure Cooker. This appliance traps steam inside while building pressure to increase cooking temperatures, allowing food to cook twice as fast as conventional cooking methods. The result of this process is healthy and delicious meals that hold up to 90-95% of nutrients. From one-pot chicken dinners to savory soups, stews, and even sweet desserts, this little giant from Cosori can do it all.

All-in-One Kitchen Appliance
This all-in-one kitchen appliance comes with 12 cooking programs to choose from, allowing you to steam, stew, saute?, and even bake your favorite meals. An intuitive control panel makes it simple to program the pressure cooker’s settings along with an easy-to-read LED and display built-in timer. The included rice spoon, ladle, steamer rack, measuring cup, and glass lid can help you start pressure cooking right out of the box.

Live Life Tastefully!
The personal-sized 2-quart pot makes this unique pressure cooker perfect for those who are constantly on-the-go. Imagine coming home to savory stews or sweet desserts packed with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep up with a busy lifestyle. It is the ideal kitchen appliance for college students, working professionals, and small families who are looking for a more efficient way to better cook their meals. With the Cosori Personal Electric Pressure Cooker, cooking in the kitchen has never been easier and healthier.

Package contents
1 x Pressure cooker
1 x Rice spoon
1 x Ladle
1 x Measuring cup
1 x Steaming tray
1 x Tempered glass lid
1 x User manual
1 x Sealing ring
1x Recipe Book

Product Features

  • The Cosori Mini pressure cooker is designed for small households for easy storage and perfect for newlyweds, working professionals, students, and small families for up to 2-3 people; Easy to use and take for travelling & camping to save time, energy and leftovers at home and outside
  • Replaces 7 common kitchen devices – Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté Pan, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer; Making meals without hassle and cleanup of multiple pots and pans
  • 13 Micro Processor-Controlled programs: Rice, Yogurt, Soup, Multigrain, Slow Cook, Bake, Steam, Sauté, Poultry, Beans, Meat/Stew, Porridge, Keep Warm. It’s the all-in-one solution for creating meals in the kitchen; cook up to 70% faster and save money with home-cooked meals
  • 9 proven safety mechanisms ensure safe operation for daily use by beginners or professionals, Dishwasher-safe food-grade stainless steel (18/8) inner pot, 3-ply stainless steel & aluminum base for strong thermal conductivity
  • CE/RoHS approved, 2-year warranty by Cosori, UK 3-Pin and EU 2-Pin Mains Power Cable were included to meet for multi country use. Comes fully equipped with a glass lid, extra silicone sealing ring, stainless steel steam rack, ladle, rice spoon, and measuring cup

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Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go” Electric Yogurt Maker with Seven, 6 oz. Dishwasher-Safe Glass Jars and Lids

Longing for creamy, delicious, health-infusing yogurt in all your favorite mouthwatering flavors, without the constant temping, hours of labor, scalding, burning, or curdling? Epica makes it easy. Now you can bypass the additives, preservatives and costly pricing of “organic” or “health food” yogurts, because with Epica’s top rated yogurt maker, you’ll never buy from the grocery store again. Epica’s health-infusing homemade yogurt maker allows you to EASILY and SAFELY… ‰Û¢ Perfect for First-Time Yogurt Makers! Buy now and get the scrumptiously simple recipes that transform your milk into creamy pleasure. ‰Û¢ Make all the healthy yogurt you crave, in all the flavors you love, at a fraction of the price! ‰Û¢ Achieve the perfect thickness, sweetness and tartness, every time. Just set the time-reminder leave your yogurt in as long as you’d like to experience optimal texture, and just go about your day. (6-12 hours) ‰Û¢ Design your healthiest options by making yogurt from organic or non-organic whole fat, 2%, 1% or non-fat dairy milk, almond milk, soy milk and more. ‰Û¢ Create a diversity of flavors guaranteed to please the whole family with unique 7-jar cooking system. ‰Û¢ Guarantee your yogurt remains at the perfect, safe incubation temperature required for perfect setting, and optimal health. ‰Û¢ Ends the overwhelming task of heating up milk, and checking all the different temperatures. y assures you’re getting your money’s worth, and more. If you want to experience the health-infusing benefits only homemade, wholesome yogurt brings to your table, without the high cost, or unhealthy additives, then Epica’s easy to use yogurt maker will be your kitchen’s new best friend. To order simply click Add to Cart now before it returns to backorder status

Product Features

  • Perfect for First-Time Yogurt Makers! Easy-Start Manual Includes Delicious 2 Minute Recipes
  • Guaranteed to maintain optimal temperature for safely culturing yogurt
  • Achieve perfect thickness, sweetness and tartness in 7 (6oz) glass jars. Make everyone their favorite!
  • Make all your favorite milks (dairy, almond, soy, non-dairy) into amazing yogurt with 2 min prep
  • No checking or temping. Add ingredients. Set 6-12 hour time reminder, and walk away

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Lakeland Electric Yoghurt Maker – 1 Litre

Home-made yogurt is twice as nice and half the price of shop bought, and surprisingly simple to make. Create up to 1 litre of delicious, healthy yogurt in just 8 hours with our economical, electric yogurt maker that costs just pennies to run.

How to Use the Yogurt Maker

Firstly choose your milk – slimmers can save calories with skimmed, and with whole milk, results will be deliciously thick and creamy every time. If dairy is a no go then you can even use soya milk.

Once you have chosen your milk and prepared it, simply add 2 teaspoons of live, unflavoured, natural yogurt to the machine and gradually stir in 900ml of milk. Turn the yogurt maker on and leave it undisturbed for 8 hours. The temperature is maintained at 40-47°C for optimum production.

After 8 hours turn the machine off, lift out the inner bowl and allow to cool. You will have a litre of perfect, healthy yogurt with no additives or preservatives that will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

If you make yogurt on a regular basis save a couple of spoonful’s each time you make it and use it to start your next batch.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy straight from the fridge or as a healthy snack with fruit or to top muesli. You can add flavourings such as milkshake powder, pureed fruit or vanilla extract. If you want to add flavourings do this once your yogurt is made as flavourings can inhibit the incubation process.

Your yogurt can even be transformed into herby dips or a base for salad dressing by adding chopped herbs or garlic or ground spices.

A full instruction leaflet is included and features hints, tips and serving suggestions.

16cm Dia x 23cm H. (6 ¼” x 9″) 9W.

Capacity 1 litre

3 Year Guarantee

If you buy this product from Lakeland and you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return it for up to 3 years – proof of purchase is necessary.

Product Features

  • Home-made yoghurt – twice as nice and half the price of shop-bought
  • Electrically operated, makes 1 litre of healthy home-made yoghurt with no additives or preservatives
  • Enjoy as a snack, with muesli or transformed into herby dips
  • Needs just a little natural yoghurt and some milk (whole milk make it thick and creamy)
  • Costs pennies to run. 16cm Dia x 23cm H.

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Bazaar Yoice Electric Automatic Fruit Yogurt Maker Household Kitchen Appliance Machine

Description : Yoice 220V Electric Automatic Fruit Yogurt Maker Household Kitchen Machine This is automatic yogurt maker, DIY your favorite taste yogurt, fresh and healthy. Nice appearance, transparent cover, you can see the process of making yogurt clearly. PTC heating element, safe and energy saving. The container adopts preservation box design, protect from contamination during the process of making and keeping yogurt fresh. Can make 1L yogurt at one time, add milk or soymilk and your favorite fruits, enjoy the delicious yogurt with your family 🙂 Warm tips : Better eat it within 3 days, because during these time, lactobacillus is the most active. Specification : Brand : Yoice Material : Stainless steel + High quality food grade PP Capacity : 1000ml Rate power : 15W Rate voltage : 220V-240V 50HZ Weight : 900g Size : 24 x 16cm/9.4 x 6.3inch Package Includes : 1 x Yoice Automatic Multi-function Yogurt Maker 1 x Mini&safe power adapter according to your country (Comes in color retail gift box) Details Pictures : Add chocolate or juice can make your yogurt more colorful and delicious 🙂 Lots of benefits of yogurt 🙂 Not only the healthy food but also the great helper for beauty 🙂 More way of DIY your different tastey fruit yogurt 🙂

Product Features

  • Yoice Electric Automatic
  • Fruit Yogurt Maker
  • Men
  • Please Allow 7-23 Business Days For Delivery
  • Package Contains One Item

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Daewoo Electric Home made Yogurt Maker 500ml Milk Carton available DWY-SH101 NEW

Product Specification -Wellness maker -yoghurt maker -Capacity: 1.0L -container 1 -milk packs Combine Product Features Transparent Cover Power Indicator 500ml pack of milk Enough Large Capacity 1L stock Container Practical Design

Product Features

  • This product’s AC power input voltage is AC220V, the plug shape is a C type plug. If your local AC power supply AC100 ~ 120V, you will need a transformer for 220VAC to 110VAC conversion. Korean manual
  • Transparent Cover
  • Power Indicator
  • 500ml pack of milk Enough Large Capacity 1L stock Container Practical Design
  • 1L stock Container

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Cooks Professional Premium 2 Litre Professional LCD Fully Automatic Electric Ice Cream Sorbet Yogurt Maker With Built-in Compressor – 180 Watts.

Be creative with your ingredients and produce tasty homemade ice cream from scratch in as little as 60 minutes with the fully automatic ice cream makers from Cooks Professional. This ice cream maker is perfect for dinner parties or BBQs and couldn’t be easier to use, with no need to pre-freeze the bowl and a user-friendly LCD display that allows you to select the mode and working time. Simply pour your ingredients in, choose the desired programme and the ice cream maker will do the rest.

The powerful 180W machine has six different settings that allow you to churn and freeze up to two litres of deliciously smooth yogurt, sorbet or ice cream and you can even keep an eye on its progress through the transparent lid. There’s also a handy ‘keep cool’ mode; perfect for keeping your ice cream ready to eat for up to an hour after the programme has finished.

Also available to purchase is an Ice Cream Made Easy recipe book by Annette Yates.


  • Model number: G0D31
  • Item weight: 12 Kg
  • Dimensions: 42 x 29 x 27cm
  • Capacity: 2 Litre
  • Power: 180 Watts
  • Voltage: 220 – 240V
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Measuring cup and spoon included

    D8432 Cooks Professional Ice Cream Maker

    Product Features

    • Top of the range; Premium 2.0 litre ice cream maker with built in compressor, no pre-freezing required
    • Ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet; Produce tasty homemade ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet from scratch in as little as 20 minutes, includes ice cream scoop and measuring cup accessories
    • Great features; A user-friendly LCD display that allows you to select the mode and working time and an extended “Keep Cool” time once your chosen programme ends
    • Easy to use; Simply pour your ingredients in, choose the desired programme and the ice cream maker will do the rest
    • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

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  • Koölle Professional Fully Automatic Electric Ice Cream Maker, LCD Display 1.5 Litre 60 Minute Ice Cream Sorbet Yoghurt Maker Machine for Home with Compressor No Pre-Freeze Required | 2 Year Warranty (Stainless-Steel) (Silver)

    Its contemporary stainless steel design makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. There is a choice of six operating times (10-60mins) to suit your recipe, with an LCD display to indicate how much time is left and a finish alarm to alert you when the countdown ends. If the ice cream isn’t served within 10 minutes of the timer ending, the machine automatically switches to an extended cooling function to keep your dessert from defrosting.

    Versatile Use

    The ice cream maker comes with 6 different timer settings; allowing you the freedom of creating not ice cream, frozen yoghurt or sorbet.

    There’s also a handy ‘keep cool’ mode; perfect for keeping your ice cream ready to eat for up to an hour after the programme has finished.

    Homemade Ice Cream

    You can take inspiration from your favourite ice cream parlour or TV chef to create your own ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt. Why not create your own recipe and experiment with new flavours.

    Easy to Use

    This ice cream maker is perfect for dinner parties or BBQs and couldn’t be easier to use.

    Just plug in, switch on, add your ingredients and set the timer.

    Dimensions: L39 x W29 x H31cm. Includes ice cream scoop and measuring cup.

    Product Features

    • FULLY AUTOMATIC – Create restaurant standard ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurt at home.
    • BUILT IN COMPRESSOR – means you can make delicious homemade desserts in less than an hour.
    • SO EASY TO USE – Simply plug in, switch on and pour your ingredients into the large 1.5 litre removable bowl.
    • PACKED WITH FEATURES – Six operating times, keep cool mode, finish alarm, latest digital technology and LCD display, stainless steel wipe clean finish.
    • INCLUDED EXTRAS – Additional ice cream scoop and measuring cup accessories.

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