Organic Kefir Drink pack of 6 glass bottles- Organic British Low fat milk fermented with Live Kefir Grains- Free UK Delivery

KeoLife’s Organic Kefir fermented with our live traditional Kefir grains, according to our patented process, is a refreshing Powerful Probiotic drink with a light sour taste. It has the consistency of a drinkable yogurt and is highly nutritious. It is rich in Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B12, B2, K, Iodine, and Phosphorus to name but a few… It is also a Good Source of Proteins, and it is High in Calcium. Kefir boosts our immune systems by keeping healthy bacteria in our digestive tract, and remember 80% of our immune system is in our digestive track! When made with Organic Milk and real Kefir Grains, Kefir is a fermented beverage rich in both Enzymes and friendly micro-organisms that help regulate your “gut Flora”. It is more nutritious & therapeutic than Kefir made with powdered starter culture, probiotic supplements and natural yogurt, as Kefir made with real Kefir grains supplies complete proteins, essential minerals and valuable vitamins. This is a highly potent probiotic drink, SO START SLOWLY: Just a half of 200ml bottle a day (which is 100ml) for the first two weeks should be enough to slowly introduce your body to this magical substance. Then you can upgrade to a full bottle a day for optimum results (however some will experience optimum results with only 1/2 bottle a day and some with a bit more than 1 bottle a day, Optimum results shows up in different ways for different people). Kefir is pretty versatile – you can drink it plain, mix it with honey, add it to your soup or cooked meal before serving, use in dip, sauce, salad dressing recipe, or add it to any smoothie. Just make sure you don’t heat it or add it t to food that is too hot as it will kill off the good healthy gut friendly micro-organisms.

Product Features

  • Organic Kefir made in the UK using Organic British Milk
  • Fermented Organic Low Fat British Milk with Real Live Kefir Grains
  • Pack of 6 Glass Bottles (works out £2.27/bottle) guaranteed at least 13 days “use by date” from date of delivery at customer
  • GM free, Gluten free, Suitable for vegetarian, No Preservatives, No Sweeteners, No added sugars,No artificial colourings, No artificial flavour
  • Glass bottle means PBA & Phthalates free

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Home Fermenter Electronic Yogurt Maker Home-made Natural Fermentation Economics Wellness Convenience Fermented Soy Beans the Germination of Underwater Germinating Brown Rice

Product description

Yogurt 150ml cup 12

Once fermentation is complete, a convenient function automatically turns off the power.

Yogurt 8 hours, Fermented soy beans 24 hours,

The germination of underwater 8 hours, Germinating brown rice 24 hours

Time display: time, time remaining display Power button

Select button: 1. yogurt 2. Fermented soy beans 3. The germination of underwater 4. Germinating brown rice

Type selection Available

Once the manufacturing is completed, the selected button goes off and the time is displayed as F display.

Product Specifications

Name: Samyang Electronic household fermenter

Product Configuration: Body Maker, Soybean wicker tray (germinated brown rice combined) 2, 12 cups, spoons only

Rated power consumption: 35w (You need to use of transformer)

Voltage: 220v 60Hz

Size: 36 x 30 x 16 cm

Material: random PP

Model: SYF-6400

Manufacturer: Ltd. Samyang Electronics

Overall Configuration: Body + plastic cups 12 + 2 + Private wicker tray cutlery + User’s Guide

Product Features

  • 100% made in Korea
  • Select the one-touch function
  • When the temperature and time with a simple button copper, depending on the intended use is being given time set automatically it turns off automatically.
  • The lid is separated and has a simple structure, easy to clean and lightweight.
  • Yogurt 150ml cup 12

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