Ice Cream Maker Machine 1.5 Litre Freezer Bowl, 20-40mins LCD Count-down Timer Homemade Frozen Yogurt Sorbet Gelato Machine for Home DIY Party Relaxing Summer

EECOO ice cream maker has 1.5 liters larger capacity, so that you can make your DIY homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, sherbet, gelato, and enjoy it with your families or your friends, in your birthday, party, barbecue, a relaxing summer afternoon.
Please don’t worry how to operate it. Actually, just take out the freezer bowl from the your freezer, install it and power on, then pour the mixture to the ice cream machine through the pour spout, finally add the ingredients you like to the machine once the mixture has begun to thicken. Wait for your frozen favorites in minutes.

Great ideal for homemade ice cream, safety, BPA free, without any food additives.
Automatic operation, no labor-intensive stirring required.
Easy-lock transparent lid, more safety and you watch the freezing process as it progresses.
With a LCD count-down timer, so that you can leave your kitchen, sit down to reading, watching or relax.
The default time for making ice cream is 20 mins, but your can set the time yourself by press the reset button. Every time you press, the time will increase 1min. We recommend the setting time is 30mins .
Automatic shuts off with “bb” sound in the last 10s when reach the default time.
The freezer bowl contains cooling liquid within a double insulated wall to create fast and evenly freezing.
Rubber nonslip feet keep base stationary during use.

The freezer bowl must be completely frozen before you begin your recipe. Before freezing, wash and dry the bowl. It is recommended that you place the freezer bowl in the back of your freezer where it is the coldest.
For the most convenient frozen desserts and drinks, leave your freezer bowl in the freezer all times.

Product Features

  • 【Easy to operation】Fully automatic operation with kinds of recipes, frozen your favorites in minutes! Just power on the machine, pour the fresh ingredients to the frozen mixing bowl, and relax. Then you will get your frozen treats, like yogurt, ice cream, custard, sorbet, gelato – even frozen drinks – only in 20 minutes.
  • 【Share more with your families or friends】1.5L large capacity mixing bowl allows you make all kinds of your DIY frozen treats, and share more with your family and friends.
  • 【Easy-lock transparent lid with LCD count-down timer】You can watch the freezing process through the transparent lid. The easy-lock lid is safety for kids. Also a LCD count-down timer design to display the remaining time of making the ice cream.It will automatic shuts off, with “bb” sound in the last 10s when reach the default time.
  • 【Customize your own time of ice cream making】The default time for making ice cream is 20 mins. But your can set the time yourself by press the reset button. Every time you press, the time will increase 1 minute. The Max setting time is 40mins.We recommend the best setup time to 30 minutes.
  • 【BPA free, safety and don’t worry about unhealthy additives!】With EECOO automatic ice cream maker, you can enjoy creating homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet or gelato in your own kitchen. And add your favorite recipe ingredients to the machine, sit back and relax. In about 30 minutes you can enjoy a fantastic ice cream, delicious and far healthier then a shop-bought one. 

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