Total Greek Yoghurt Cookbook: Over 120 fresh and healthy ideas for Greek yoghurt

Total Greek Yoghurt is low in calories and high in flavour, and now you can explore new ways to incorporate it into your cooking. With over 120 recipes developed by top TV chef Sophie Michell, the Total Greek Yoghurt Cookbook shows how you can use it in everything from smoothies and sauces to curries and marinades, as well as for baking, desserts, snacks and dressings. In addition to chapters on Small Plates & Soups, Main Plates and Sweet Plates, Shakes & Smoothies, this easy-to-use recipe book includes amazingly simple mini Total + recipes, showing you how to create truly tasty and healthy treats by adding just a few ingredients to your yoghurt. From Crispy Yoghurt Marinated Chicken with Red Cabbage Coleslaw to Honey, Cinnamon and Yoghurt Cheesecake, the beautifully photographed and delicious-tasting recipes reveal all the flavour and versatility of Total Greek Yoghurt. Healthy and tasty recipes with a twist, an inspirational book for those looking to eat healthy meals. This hardback book has 192 pages and measures: 25.5 x 21.5 x 1.8cm.

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Probiotic Complex 180 capsules (6 months supply) Premium quality multi-strain probiotic tablet suitable for vegetarians. Probiotics maintain a healthy digestive tract & boost immune system. Made in the UK.

Cheeky Nutrition’s Probiotic Complex contains 1 Billion viable organisms (CFUs) per capsule produced from our 10 Billion CFU sourced powder to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that line the digestive track and help you absorb nutrients.

They help to balance the good and bad bacteria to keep your body functioning correctly. Probiotics are often taken to improve digestion problems however one of the main reasons they should be consumed is because 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract!

Probiotics are often found in fermented dairy products such as yogurts and fermented foods such as pickled vegetables.

What are the benefits of Cheeky Nutrition’s Probiotic Complex?

Cheeky Nutrition’s Probiotic Complex can:

  • Boost Immune system
  • Improve digestive function
  • Improve acne
  • Increase energy from the production of Vitamin B12
  • Reduce colds and flu
  • All of Cheeky Nutrition’s products are made here in the UK from quality ingredients and are manufactured to the highest global manufacturing standards GMP & BRC.

    Product Features

    • 1 Billion viable organisms (CFUs) per capsule produced from our 10 Billion CFU sourced powder to maintain a healthy digestive tract
    • 80% of our immune system is located in our digestive tract. Healthy bacteria in the gut stimulates the absorbption of the nutrients from our food boosting our immune system and keeping us in good health. This is why a daily probiotic suplement is essential to our diet.
    • Probiotics help balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut to keep your body working the way it should and helps with bloating and stomach discomfort.
    • 180 capsules (6 MONTH SUPPLY) of Probiotics / Easy to swallow / suitable for VEGETARIANS / free from artificial ingredients
    • MADE IN THE UK to the highest global manufacturing standards GMP & BRC. Cheeky Nutrition always work to these standards to ensure the best quality supplements on the market for our customers.

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    Leogreen – Yoghurt Maker, Machine for Natural and Healthy Yogurt, 12 jars, 12 x 9.8 x 4.9 inch, White, Capacity per jar: 0.21 L

    Create your favorite flavor of yogurt naturally, right in your own kitchen! Make a different flavor in each of the included glass jars at the same time with this yogurt maker. The very simple design is also super easy to use. Easily experiment with different tastes and thicknesses, customize your yogurt to suit your particular liking. Drastically improve your health by making your own 100% natural healthy yogurt with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients, while saving money by eliminating the need to buy containers of yogurt from the store ever again.

    Product Features:

    Capacity per jar: 0.21 L
    Wattage: 21.5 W
    Material: Glass, Polypropylene panel, Stainless steel
    Standard/Certification: DGCCRF, LFGB, CE, GS, EMC, LVD
    Voltage: 220-240V
    Carton weight: 5.65lb(s)
    Carton size: 13.39*11.82*6.7inch(es)

    Your package contains:
    – Machine for Home Made Yogurt x1

    Product Features

    • ✅ BPA-free: safe for you, your family and your friends to use • Eliminate wasteful packaging from store-bought yogurts and save money • Large capacity: A modern kitchen utensil to make desserts for yourself and the whole family
    • ✅ Make your own home-made yogurt with the ingredients and flavor of your choice • Place the jars without the lids into the yoghurt maker to make the home-made yoghurt • Comes with a user guide for your convenience
    • ✅ Convenient to use: Transparent lid helps you control the process easily • One-touch operation, simple, fast and efficient
    • ✅ In 8 to 15 hours, get yogurt with an amazing taste • Can produce various types of yogurt: Make a classic yogurt using the container, or make a greek yogurt with both the strainer and the container
    • ✅ Material: Glass, Polypropylene panel • Standard/Certification: DGCCRF, LFGB • Voltage: 220-240V

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    Healthy Cow – 3 Bottles Of 500ml Fresh Cows Milk Kefir Lovingly Handmade With Live Kefir Grains. Fermented In The Traditional Way With The Freshest Cows Milk In The UK. Our Healthy Cow Kefir Contains The Highest Levels Of Vitamins And Probiotics Ensuring A healthy Gut. We Sell Our Kefir As A 8 Day Course Ensuring You Nourish The Health Benefits. You Will Receive 3 Bottles Of 500ml, We Suggest A Serving Of 185ml Per Day. Gluten Free, Made In The UK By Live Kefir Company® (8 Day Course)

    Our Kefir Is In Its Purest Form Really Strong Stuff, With No Additives Or Flavourings. This Is To Maximise The Microbiotics Ensuring It Is The Most Beneficial For You. Kefir Is Refered As The Champane Of Milk. As It Ferments It Releases Gasses Be Carefull When Opening The Bottles Expect Champagne Style Overflows. Ou Kefir Is Live And Will Never Go ”Off”. We Put A 30 Day Shelf Life On It So You Consume It Before It Gets Too Tart For You. Healthy Cow is our homemade live Kefir drink lovingly made with live milk Kefir grains here on our farm. Happy Cow is one of the leading live Kefir drinks made from the freshest British cows milk. Handmade and fermented in traditional ways, our Kefir contains high levels of vitamins and probiotics ensuring a healthy gut by providing a balance of both good and bad bacteria.
    Healthy Cow Kefir milk is a versatile fermented drink which can be quite tart, but has a similar taste to drinkable yoghurt. Our Kefir contains high levels of Vitamin B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 and probiotics, as the Kefir milk is so rich in these nutrients it has been shown to benefit the body in eight main ways: Boosts immunity Heals IBS/IBD Builds bone density Fights allergies Improves lactose digestion Kills candida Supports detoxification Keeps a healthy gut. Healthy Cow has been proven to improve lactose tolerance, therefor some people who suffer with lactose intolerance are able to drink cows milk Kefir, but it is dependent on the individual.

    Your Healthy Cow 8 day course you will receive 3 x 500ml bottles of cows milk Kefir drink. We recommend consuming 185ml each day first thing in the morning before food.
    Healthy cow is a high strength probiotic, it has over 50 billion probiotics per 100ml. Healthy Cow is far superior to powder, tablets and capsules. Healthy Cow is a probiotic for women, adults and children.

    Made in Yorkshire by The Kings Of Kefir – Live Kefir Company

    Product Features

    • MADE IN THE UK: Live Kefir Company Is One Of The Best Producers Of Kefir Milk In The UK. Lovingly Made On Our Farm In Yorkshire With Live Kefir Grains.
    • 8 DAY COURSE: We Supply Each Customer With Enough Kefir Milk For 8 Days, This Ensures Your Body Fully Benefits The Essensial Probiotics to Improve Your Health. To See The Best Improvements To Your Body We Advise To Continuously Drink Healthy Cow Kefir Milk For 3 Months. Each Course Comes Complete With Our Bespoke Information Booklet.
    • HEALTH BENEFITS: Our Kefir Is The Best Starter Culture And Contains High Levels Of VitaminB12, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 And Billions Of Good Probiotics. With These Set Of Nutrients Kefir Has Been To Benefit The Body In 8 Main Ways: Boosts Immunity, Heals IBS/IBD, Builds Bone Density, Fights Allergies, Impoves Lactose Digestion, Kills Candida, Supports Detoxification And Keeps A Healthy Gut.
    • HEALTHY COW: Is A Fermented Milk Drink, Similar To A Drinkable Yogurt And Is Sometimes Quite Fizzy And Tangy. If It Is Too Tangy For You, You Can Simply Add Stevia Sweetner. Our Kefir Is Made With The Best Live Kefir Grains In The UK And Is The Best Starter Culture Producing Billions Of Probiotics Per 100ml.Our Kefir Is Suitable For Everybody Women, Men And Kids.
    • PURE KEFIR MILK: Our Kefir Is In Its Purest Form Really Strong Stuff, With No Additives Or Flavourings. This Is To Maximise The Microbiotics Ensuring It Is The Most Beneficial For You. It Will Be Tart And Fizzy In Texture. Kefir Is Refered As The Champane Of Milk. As It Ferments It Releases Gasses Be Carefull When Opening The Bottles Expect Champagne Style Overflows. Our Kefir Is Live And Will Never Go ”Off”. We Put A 30 Day Shelf Life On It So You Consume It Before It Gets Too Tart For You.

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    Probiotic Recipes – A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle with Probiotics

    Probiotics are a distinctive food which is key to living a balanced diet and lifestyle. The most common misconception is that probiotics are only found in yogurts. There are plenty of sources for probiotics one fairly unknown source is pomegranates. Probiotics can be acquired in a variety of delicious foods from yogurt, cheese, kefir, sour cream.

    Inside You’ll Learn
    – Variety of Easy Probiotic Recipes + Select Advanced Recipes
    – Probiotic health benefits
    – A history of Probiotics

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    10 Tips to Start Building a Healthy Probiotic Diet You Always Wanted

    Product Features

    • [+] Proper Equipment for Home Fermentation
    • [+] The Probiotic Mother Cultures
    • [+] Yogurt, Kefir, and Buttermilk
    • [+] Naturally Cultured Pickles
    • [+] Sauerkraut
    • [+] Kimchi
    • [+] Fermented Vegetable, Fruit, Grain, Carb &, Protein Dishes
    • [+] Fermented Condiments, Salad Dressing, Jam, & Chutney
    • [+] Simple Cultured Cheeses
    • [+] Tasty Probiotic Desserts

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    Tagvo 120pcs Ice Pop Mold, Healthy Homemade Snack Ice Lolly Bags, Freezer Pop, Gogurt, Ice Candy, BPA Free and FDA Approved Popsicle Maker with Ziplock

    — More fun and more healthy to make natural ice pop in this summer
    — Label the flavour with permanent marker
    — Frozen a lot of popsicles, consider erecting it in the container to save space.
    — The warmth from hands makes them easier to push up from the zip part

    What Tagvo can do for you?
    Tagvo is engaged in Sports & Outdoors field with the aim to ensure you and your families an excellent experience in your journey and holiday by using the provided products. To make it, Tagvo develops the most popular products, shows the products details in its way, inspects the quality before shipping and provides the prompt & satisfied customs service.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
    If you have any unsatisfaction for the quality the product, please feel free to let us know and we will send you a new replacement.
    If you have any question for the using of the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time and we will reply you no later than 24hours.

    Product Features

    • SAFE MATERIAL: those ice pop pouches made by safe material, high quality 100% BPA and Phthalates Free, guaranteed FDA to be freezer safe porduct
    • SIZE: 1.7 inch wide to the hot pressing edge x 8 inch length to the ziplock, each slush pouch holds 3.5 fluid ounces, not large and not small, just the suitable size
    • FILLING: juice is easily pour in the ice pop bag, can use funnel or decorating bags to fill thick liquids, like yogurt, ice cream, soda freezer and etc
    • EASY OPENING: there is an opening below the ziplock tread, so these ice lolly pouches can be easily teared open. If it hard to open for kids after freezing, filling to the “max full” line to let the ice more easily be squeezed out
    • MULTIPURPOSE: great for homemade soda freezer, ice cream freezer, yogurt freezer, pudding pops, fruit and vegetable pops, also can hold the candy or snacks

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