Beginners Guide to Making Homemade Cheese, Butter & Yogurt: Delicious Recipes Perfect for Every Beginner! (Homesteading Freedom)

Do you want to know how to make delicious cheese?

Do you want to learn to make real butter?

Are you looking to make healthy yogurt?

Then this book is for you!

Beginners Guide to Making Homemade Cheese, Butter & Yogurt will teach you what you need to make homemade cheese, real butter, and even healthy yogurt. Beginners Guide to Making Homemade Cheese, Butter & Yogurt will also walk you through step by step to advise you in what you need as far as ingredients and equipment is concerned to make all of the recipes easily. In this book you’ll find cheese making tips, cheese making frequently asked questions, yogurt and yogurt recipes as well homemade butter variations. There is even a cheese and butter recipe for Bacon Lovers! This amazing book will have you making your own delicious dairy products in no time at all!

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WeeDee 220V Homemade Automatic Yogurt Maker Electric Yogurt Cream Making Machine (Blue)

Material: Plastic+Stainless Steel Inner Tank
Size: 17x17x16cm/6.7×6.7×6.3Inch
Color: Orange, Blue
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 15W

Package Includes:
1 x Automatic Yogurt Maker

Product Features

  • 1.Fashion & mini yogurt maker, cute and save place, easy to store
  • 2.Homemade yogurt, additive free, paraben free, yummy, healthy and safe
  • 3.Add all kinds of fruit you like into the yogurt, make it more delicious
  • 4.Easy operation, just plug in, the indicator lights up, the yogurt maker is working
  • 5.Automatic control, constant temperature, great temperature for fermentation

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Homemade Yogurt Recipes : 50 Delicious of Homemade Yogurt (Homemade Yogurt, Homemade Yogurt Recipe Book, Homemade Yogurt Recipe, Homemade Yogurt Cookbooks) (Mark Wright Cookbook Series No.4)

Homemade Yogurt Recipes : 50 Delicious of Homemade Yogurt (Homemade Yogurt, Homemade Yogurt Recipe Book, Homemade Yogurt Recipe, Homemade Yogurt Cookbooks, Homemade Yogurt Cookbook) (Mark Wright Cookbook Series No.4)

A Yoghurt is a milk- based product thickened by a bacterium curdling process. It is also spiced up with the addition of flavors. To savor and capture the true taste of a yoghurt, an iced yogurt is the best. There are quite a number of yogurt recipes out there. Restaurants utilize different recipes depending on the expertise of chef, complexity of the recipe and the size of the restaurant.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need to quench the longing for a yogurt, but you cannot get to where it is sold, then the simple solution is to master the preparation of a homemade yoghurt recipe. A homemade yoghurt is faster and easier to prepare compared to the ones sold in restaurants. It has series of advantages over the recipes utilized In restaurants.

One advantage of a homemade yoghurt recipe over the ones utilized in restaurants is food safety. Preparing yoghurt at home will give you the tranquility of mind you need in knowing that you have utilized the freshest ingredients and can be rest assured knowing your yoghurt has been stored and cooked at the correct temperatures. In other words, a homemade yogurt reduces the probability of food poisoning.

Another advantage of a homemade yoghurt recipe is that the quantity of nutritious ingredients far outweighs a restaurant made yoghurt. Restaurants meal are known to be high in calories sugars, fats, sodium and carbohydrates, and it is also likely they may contain low nutritional content. on the other hand, a homemade yoghurt recipe allows you to determine the appropriate nutritional content of the yoghurt and allows you to remove what you may consider unimportant in your yoghurt. A homemade recipe puts you in charge of your meal and what you consume. Most importantly, It completely eradicates the occurring of allergic reactions and sensitivities. It impossible for an individual to prepare a meal and add an ingredient he/she is allergic to.

Beyond the advantages of a homemade yoghurt to restaurant made yoghurt, all yoghurt recipes have a positive effect on the human health when consumed. One benefit of yoghurt to human health is the supply of calcium and vitamin D. Since yoghurt is basically milk, consumers of yoghurt can be rest of vitamin D and calcium intake. A regular intake of calcium and vitamin D have been proven to be beneficial to the skeletal framework and help bone formation. This help reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

The human body requires a certain amount of ”good” bacteria in the digestive tract for a successful and smooth digestive process. Since yoghurt and bacteria are in a romantic relationship, consuming yoghurt provides a reasonable quantity of “good” bacteria. It also prevents constipation and diarrhea.

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The Complete Cuisinart® Homemade Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato, Ice Cream Maker Book: 100 Decadent and Fun Recipes for your 2-Quart ICE-30BC

The NEW recipe book that readers are describing as

“The Perfect Guide for the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence!”
This expansive 243 page recipe book is a MUST HAVE for any homemade ice cream machine owner.

Think you know ice cream? Once you try these ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet and dessert cocktail recipes, you’ll realize that you had NO IDEA how amazing these frozen desserts could be.

The Cuisinart® ICE-30BC is an incredibly versatile appliance. This quick & easy to use guide and recipes book will show you how to make the most out of your ice cream maker. These 100 recipes offer great variety and reliability and are sure fire crowd pleasers.

Here is the summary of recipes you will learn how to prepare like a pro in this comprehensive homemade ice cream book. These ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet recipes are FUN, EASY, and AMAZING.

We’ve included most of the POPULAR recipes people search for:


ICE CREAM RECIPES – Chocolate Mousse, Chunky Chocolate Mint, Va-Va Voom Vanilla Ice Cream, S’mores, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and so much more.

GELATO RECIPES – Chocolate Cheesecake Gelato, Banana Cream, Salted Toffee, Marvelous Mango, and on and on.

FROZEN YOGURT RECIPES – Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Black Forest, Watermelon, Caramel Nut Crunch, Maple Cayenne Lemonade…you just won’t believe all of the incredible options!

SORBET RECIPES – Strawberry, Lemon, Mango Lime, Dark Chocolate, one amazing sorbet after the other.

ADULTS ONLY – Pina Colada, White Russian Gelato, “Old Fashioned” Vanilla Whiskey, Irish Cream, Gin & Juice Yogurt, don’t get TOO carried away but there simply isn’t a more enjoyable way to imbibe.

Utilizing your Cuisinart like a pro will completely change your Summer. You invested in it, get the most out of it. Don’t let it just sit there in your kitchen. Use it!

Those who will try your frozen desserts that you prepare with this book will beg you to open up your own store.

You will NOT regret buying Jessica’s Complete Cuisinart® Homemade Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato, Ice Cream Maker Book!

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Juice Extracted Cultures For Homemade BIO Yogurt – Tiny Pack of 14 Capsules

If you are a vegan, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yogurt. Vegan yogurt is the perfect alternative to ordinary yogurt, which allows you to enjoy it without feeling guilty and without breaking the rules of the lifestyle you chose to embrace. There are many vegan yogurt brands on the market, that is true, but you can also easily prepare it at home as well. There are people who prefer making this type of yogurt at home because they are not fully satisfied by the products found on the market or they miss that particular yogurt taste of the one made at home, without any additives or sweeteners. To prepare vegan homemade yogurt, all you need is plain soy milk and high-quality probiotics. The probiotics would have to be, of course, vegan as well, if you don’t want them to compromise and contaminate your vegan yogurt recipe. Also, to make sure that your yogurt will turn out to be delicious and without any weird taste due to the probiotics, it is recommended to use the freeze-dried type of probiotics. You will have to let the yogurt to sit overnight in your yogurt maker, so you won’t be able to consume it immediately. But, the wait is worth it, because in the morning you will enjoy breakfast that contains vegan yogurt. Don’t be scared if you notice a layer of liquid on top of the yogurt when you take it out from the yogurt maker in the morning because that’s just whey. You can choose to remove it if you like your yogurt to be thicker, like Greek-style yogurt, or to mix the whey with the rest of the yogurt and make it more creamy and ready for smoothies. Use of thickeners is not recommended. However, if you wish to achieve the commercial store-bought vegan yogurt texture you need to use the same thickeners as manufacturers.

Product Features

  • Contains 14 Vegetarian Capsules with Juice Extracted Yogurt Starter Cultures.
  • Each capsule work on 1L of Allergen,Additives and GMO – free Organic Yogurt or Vegan substitute for Milk.
  • Work best with Soy and Dairy milk. Good results with Homemade thickener-free Coconut and Almond milk.Use of thickeners is not recommended, however if you wish to achieve the commercial vegan yogurt texture you might need to use them.
  • Contains ”Lactobacilus Gasseri” and ”Lactobacilus Rhamnosus”, ”Bifidus infantis”, ”Bifidus adolescentis” and many more.
  • Pure bacterial blend of cultures made in clean environment away from additives, maltodextrin and GMO. Suitable for Vegans and people avoiding dairy products.

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