Farming: Ultimate Guide How To Raise Sheep And Cows + Lessons How To Make Homemade Cheese, Butter & Yogurt For Sustainble Living (Homesteading)

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Ultimate Guide How to Raise Sheep and Cows + Lessons How to Make Homemade Cheese, Butter & Yogurt for Sustainable Living (Homesteading)

Heard about farming but not aware of what it really is? Feeling difficulty in raising animals? Want to make butter from your cow’s milk but do not know how? Well if you have any of the given questions in your mind then you are at the right place as this book will answer all the questions that are in your mind regarding farming. You will feel that raising animals is a simple task and you can make a great number of things from the milk of your dairy animals.

This book will comprehend on:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Farming
  • How to Raise Cattle
  • How to Raise Sheep
  • How to Make Yogurt at Home
  • How to make Cheese at Home
  • How to make Butter at home

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Dehydrated Milk Kefir Grains – Living Probiotic Culture

Milk Kefir grains are composed of probiotic bacteria and yeast held together in a polysaccharide matrix. Milk kefir grains ferment milk to produce a yogurt like beverage called Kefir. Kefir grains originated from the Northern Caucasus Mountains where they have been used for over a thousand years to produce this living culture from milk. Kefir grains unlock many nutrients in milk, increase their bioavailability and provide many health benefits. The culture will keep multiplying as long as you take care of it and it’s only a one time purchase for a lifetime supply of probiotics. You will receive 1 generous teaspoon (5ml/3g) of dehydrated Milk kefir grains which will yield 1 Tablespoon (15ml/17g) of live fresh kefir grains once re-hydrated. 1 Tablespoon of milk kefir grains will culture 1 Cup of Milk (250ml) every 24 hours. We only use culture friendly utensils to grow our milk kefir grains like food grade plastic vessels, nylon strainers and glass jars. Metal utensils are never used to make our Kefir. We don’t use a dehydrator to dry our milk kefir grains because we think most dehydrators provide excessive heat which might disturb the micro flora present in kefir grains. We let our grains dry in room temperature away from sunlight. Printed instructions for troubleshooting and activating dehydrated Milk kefir grains are included with every order. In addition we will provide e-mail support to answer any questions. Dehydrated milk kefir grains become active within 5-14 days. Dry kefir grains are ideal for back up storage and for long distance shipping and will preserve for months without needing to be fed. Dry kefir grains also withstand colder and warmer temperatures much better than fresh kefir grains.

Product Features

  • Dehydrated Kefir grains are ideal for long distance shipping and as a backup storage.
  • Milk Kefir grains unlock many nutrients in milk.
  • Kefir is good for Lactose Intolerant Individuals
  • Milk Kefir Provides Billions of Healthy Probiotic Bacteria.
  • A onetime purchase for a lifetime supply of probiotics.

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Milk Kefir Grains, Organic, Tybetan Mushroom, Living Probiotics Starter

Milk Kefir grains with instructions. Kefir is a fermented milk product (cow, goat or sheep milk) that tastes like a drinkable yogurt. Kefir contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium,vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics. Milk kefir ( also known as Tibetan Mushroom and Snow Lotus) is one of the best sources of probiotics available, containing 7 to 10 billion colony forming units of good bacteria. The strains of bacteria present in kefir are more potent than probiotics in yogurt or supplements and actually recolonize the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal system, improving digestion. Summary of Kefir Health Benefits: Google “Kefir Health Benefits” and you’ll soon be hankering after some Milk Kefir Grains of your very own! Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of Milk Kefir Grains: • Kefir health benefits include curing or controlling acne, sleep disorders, depression, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, colitis, diarrhoea, etc.? • Kefir significantly reduces sugar cravings. • Kefir has antioxidants and anti-aging properties. It can neutralize the free radicals, which damage the body cells and tissues by oxidizing them. By reducing the impact of free radical damage, Kefir can slow down the aging process. • Kefir can provide us the beneficial microorganisms that can improve digestion, to alleviate some common digestive problems like gas, bloating, indigestion, etc. It can ensure regular bowel movement to cure constipation. The enzymes found in it can be especially beneficial for the people with lactose intolerance. • Kefir has antibiotic and antifungal properties. It can prove helpful in conditions like, candidiasis (yeast infection). • Kefir can cleanse the colon and address any kind of intestinal problem. It can provide relief in inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). • Kefir has a stimulating effect on the immune system and hence, can improve its disease fighting capacity.

Product Features

  • Milk Kefir grains with instructions.
  • Real kefir grains, not the limited use powdered cultures. Our grains are alive and will grow and reproduce indefinitely if properly cared for. No repurchase necessary.
  • Dispatched the same day, 1st Class delivery
  • Organic living probiotics, Gluten Free
  • We provide you with 5 grams of fresh milk kefir grains (enough to ferment one metric cup/250 ml of milk in 24hours.) The exact amount you need to begin: neither so few that you can’t meet your daily needs, nor so many that, after the first week, as the grains reproduce, you’re swamped with more grains than you know what to do with!

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