MILK Kefir Grains Organic RAW Grass-Fed for Home Made Kefir Yogurt. 5g of Live, Fully Active Kefir Starter for a Nutritious Kefir Drink – These Kefir Cultures have Never Been Frozen or Dehydrated By Mia’s Organic Cultures®

You will receive the stated quantity of healthy raw milk kefir grains, in a bag with some milk to provide nutrients whilst they are in the post. The grains are super active and will soon start multiplying. I use an airlock on the fermenting jar, so the whole process takes place in an anaerobic environment and to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Besides containing highly beneficial bacteria and yeasts, kefir is a rich source of many different vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that promote healing and repair, as well as general health maintenance. Kefir contains high levels of thiamin, B12, calcium, folates and Vitamin K2. It is a good source of biotin, a B vitamin that helps the body assimilate other B vitamins. The complete proteins in kefir are already partially digested, and are therefore more easily utilized by the body. Like many other dairy products, kefir is a great source of minerals like calcium and magnesium, as well as phosphorus, which can help the body utilize carbohydrates, fats and proteins for cell growth, maintenance and energy. For the best results, drink the kefir before breakfast and again at night. Kefir is a live product, so the flavour can change per batch, because the milk, length of time and the conditions in the room where you ferment it will influence the flavour. Once you have received them, give them a quick rinse and then put them in a glass jar with a pint of milk – put the jar out of direct sunlight and leave the lid on loosely, as the fermentation will create gas. Normally, the ferment should be done after 24-36 hours, but the first few times it may take a bit longer.

Product Features

  • Organic Live RAW Milk KEFIR grains: brew your own healthy probiotic drink, can promote good digestion and gut flora
  • These grains are ready to start brewing your own kefir straight away! If showing as out of stock, please check again soon.
  • The grains are super active and will soon start multiplying
  • Please note: I will normally post next working day (but Monday-Thursday only, First class), to ensure the grains arrive safely and in good condition, and will send you full instructions by email

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ORGAID Greek Yogurt and Nurishing Organic Sheet Mask for Face | Made in USA (6 Sheets) …

Orgaid’s sheet mask is developed for those who are looking for a safe and healthy skincare product that is convenient to use. We use USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are safe, and do not include any chemical preservatives. We also use “Ecoderma” fabric that is made with advanced technology to help soak in the serum deeper into skin. WHY ORGAID SHEET MASK? + USDA Certified Organic ingredients + No chemical preservatives + Made in US with premium quality + ‘Ecoderma’ fabric with advanced tech WHY GREEK YOGURT SHEET MASK? + Organic Greek Yogurt supplements essential nutrition on skin + Organic Botanicals soothe skin smoother + Pro-Vitamin B5 and Allantoin tightens skin + Beta Glucan and Vegetable Proteins condition skin No parabens, No formaldehyde, No alcohols, No phthalates, No sulfates, No fragrance, No animal testing

Product Features

  • No parabens, No formaldehyde, No alcohols, No phthalates, No sulfates, No fragrance, No animal testing

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What is Orgaid Sheet Mask? Orgaid’s sheet mask is developed for those who are looking for a safe and healthy skincare product that is convenient to use. We use USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are safe, and do not include any chemical preservatives. We also use “Ecoderma” fabric that is made with advanced technology to help soak in the serum deeper into skin. What are the effects? The Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Organic Sheet Mask is optimized for supplementing essential ingredients on skin. – Organic Greek Yogurt supplements beneficial nutrition on skin – Organic Botanicals soothe skin smoother – Tightens and plumps skin, giving a youthful look – Smooths rough skin after waking up or after going through a rough day – Evens skin tone and naturally brightens skin – Calms and soothes blemished skin – Balances nutritions deeper into skin for all skin types – Saves time and is convenient for those who don’t have time to take care of skin

Product Features

  • Orgaid
  • Organic mask
  • greek yogurt
  • organic sheet mask
  • organic

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Mogro Certified Organic Agave Inulin Powder (1kg)

Inulins are a group of naturally occurring sugars that come from certain plants. Agave inulin is rich in fibre and promotes digestive health by aiding the good bacteria in your gut. Can be disolved in water or other beverages to sweeten, or added to foods as a natural sweetner. This information should not be treated as medical or dietary advice – always do your own research and consult a medical practitioner before taking any supplements, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any underlying medical conditions or are taking any medication. This product is certified organic by the Soil Association to GB-ORG-05 – this means every pack has a batch number which can be traced right back to the product’s source.

Product Features

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Organic Agave Inulin Powder certified by the Soil Association
  • HYGIENIC & CONVENIENT – Comes in a resealable, foil lined, stand-up kraft pouch
  • NATURAL SWEETENER – Mildly sweet flavour with a low impact on blood sugar
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY – Plant-based, non-dairy, vegan-friendly
  • SUGGESTED USES – Highly soluble in water, ideal for food products such as cookies, bread, milk, yogurt etc.

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Greek Raw Organic Honey Pine 800g glass jar

Axion Esti, Greek Raw Organic Pine Honey, 800g, glass jar :

Collected in pine forests of North Evia from September to November. The autumn harvest is dependent the honey-dew excretions of the insect marchalina hellinica known as a laborer pine. It gives a highly nutritious honey rich in minerals and trace elements and many other important substances.

The color is dark brown and full bodied flavor with characterized heavy fragrance. Enjoy! Delicious for breakfast, amazing on yogurt or as dessert, that will boost your energy and mood all day long.

Crystallization and quality: Crystallization is a natural phenomenon not related to the quality of the honey and does not cause any changes in its’ nutritional value. A crystallized honey is neither adulterated nor damaged. It can be liquidated easily if placed in a bain -mari with hot water 40 ° Celsius.

Product Features

  • Greek Raw Organic Pine Honey, 800g, glass jar.
  • Product of Organic Farming. Certified by DIO Organization (GR-BIO-01) in accordance with EU Agriculture regulations.
  • Collection Area :North Evia Island (Central Greece). Collection Period : September until November
  • Basic on Mediterranean Diet. Delicious for breakfast, amazing on yogurt or as dessert, that will boost your energy and mood all day long.
  • It is rich in minerals, proteins and amino acids, with high nutritional value!

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Ella’s Kitchen Organic Greek Yoghurt & Mangoes 90g

Hello, I’m an organic mango yummy yoghurt snack, packed full of mangoes, Greek style yoghurt, bananas + apples. Who am I for: My pouch contains gently pasteurised smooth + creamy yoghurt so my ingredients are suitable from 6 months. The Government advises that foods containing dairy products should only be introduced into a baby’s diet after 6 months.

Product Features

  • Please be aware that unless expressly indicated otherwise, product packaging may vary from what is shown on this listing. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented on our listing. Please always read the labels, warning and directions provided before using or consuming the product.

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PURE & ORGANIC Advanced Dead Sea Mud Mask, 200g/ 7 fl. oz. (New) – Reduces Wrinkles, Facial Treatment, Minimizes Pores, Improves Overall Complexion – Provides Relief from Acne, Blackheads, Pimples

Radiant Skin in as Little as Ten Minutes!

If there’s one thing everyone wants, it’s flawless skin. But no matter how hard you try, it seems your complexion doesn’t want to cooperate. By the time you get your breakouts under control as an adult, you’re starting to see fine lines around your eyes and mouth. And acne and wrinkles don’t compare to the stubbornness of cellulite!

Stop slathering your skin with chemical-based creams and get the natural solution that actually works! The Dead Sea Mud Mask by Grace & Stella is an effective treatment for many common skin problems. Noted for its high concentration of sodium and magnesium, mud from the Dead Sea is highly effective against pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes. It draws out oils and toxins, cleans pores, and helps fade acne scars.

Benefits of Our Dead Sea Mud Mask:

• Fights pimples and blackheads while fading acne scars

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Erases cellulite for smooth, beautiful skin

• Minimizes pore size and improves overall complexion

• Made with natural ingredients and is safe to use on face and body

Try the Dead Sea Mud Mask Risk-Free with Our Lifetime Guarantee – Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

*Our supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

Order the Dead Sea Mud Mask Now and Uncover Your Flawless Complexion!

Product Features

  • Incredible ANTI-AGING: Get ready to turn back the hands of time! Packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, mud from the Dead Sea has been referred to as the Fountain of Youth. This mask will improve your skin’s elasticity and minimize the appearance of pores for a youthful and flawless glow. And since it includes nourishing oils like Sunflower and Jojoba, it also deeply hydrates the skin, giving you a healthy appearance and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves blood circulation to skin for a healthy glow
  • SPA QUALITY Luxury: Why spend a fortune on expensive spa treatments when you can get the same results right at home? This incredible mask includes all-natural ingredients like Dead Sea Mud, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, and Jojoba Oil. The result is a soft and creamy mask that’s safe for all skin types to use on either the face or body. You deserve a little pampering from Dead Sea cosmetics!
  • NATURAL Dead Sea Mud Mask – Say Goodbye to Acne: Pimples, blackheads, and breakouts don’t stand a chance against our Dead Sea Mud Mask! As the mask dries, it pulls out the toxins and excess oils present in your skin from poor diet and atmospheric pollution. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed! And because it naturally exfoliates, you’ll see a reduction in redness and fade acne scars for beautiful, smooth skin! Safe to use on the body, it’s also great against blemishes on the chest and back.
  • Try it 100% Risk-Free Today: Grace & Stella has become one of the leading names within the beauty industry. Our line of natural and organic products has led to hundreds of satisfied customers. We’re so excited to bring you our Dead Sea Mud Mask that we’re going to let you try it risk-free. If you don’t see stunning results, let us know and you we’ll refund your purchase with our money-back guarantee!

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Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Storage Bag with Drawstrings; Large 29.5 * 32.5CM 5 Pack Christmas Holiday Gift; Reusable & Multipurpose; Great for gadget & Household Organizing (L)

Cotton storage bags are made from cotton material.
The drawstring closure provides easy access and a convenient way
to carry.You can use as a cotton laundry bag to keep your dirty items
separate from clean clothes or shoes while traveling.Meanwhile,
muslin bags are washable. easy to care for.

Important Note:Since the bags are 100% cotton,they will shrink
slightly after the first wash, about 0.3″,depending on your laundry
settings.Better to wash with cold water and air dry.

Ideal choice for large family, with an extra capacity to store grocery
It has a versatility that makes it easy to fill and simple to carry, giving you the option
of transporting your dirty clothing easily during your journey.
Big large fits most standard-sized sorters and hampers,
providing versatility in storage after you are done with your laundry.
It will match any look with ease,giving you endless options for adding to your decor style.

Get creative with gift wrap, natural and unique
Choosing the right gift for your loved one can be difficult,particularly
when you’re shopping for somebody who seems to have absolutely
everything already!There’s Nothing Like a Handmade Gift from a Loved one!
Makes a great gift or favor bag to bring out the natural earthly feeling.
Cotton favor bags are packaged in a nice presentation that
just to give these bags as a gift in itself would be awesome.Bags come
bound together by a brown paper band around the middle and tied with jute.

With so many different options available, this bag will give you all
the functionality you deserve, taking the hard part out of your organizer work!

Product Features

  • VERSATILE COTTON STORAGE BAG: Grocery storage, hamper liner, perfect helper on moving days. Can also be used in straining yogurt, juice and nut milk; cooking herbs or spices into broths, storing precious silverware, organizing bed sheets etc
  • ORGANIC MATERIAL: Time to eliminate plastic bags. Use this organic, 100% Cotton/Muslin storage bag with a smooth and delicate fabric, which allows for air circulation. Easy to care for. Easily washed with cold water and air dried
  • STURDY & GREAT SIZE: 13 inch. Big enough for large items in home, especially in the kitchen. A 5 pack set makes a great travel accessory bags for electronic cords and gadgets. Provides extra storage to keep crafts and kids stuff
  • PERFECT INDOOR & OUTDOOR ORGANIZER: Very portable, trouble and hassle free when used on shopping trips. Fold them up and put them in your shopping bag, cute purse, clutch, man purse, backpack or canvas bag. It’s very compact
  • IDEAL GIFT BAGS: Bags come bound together by a brown paper, band around the middle and tied with jute, Great use as a grocery shopping bag, gift bags for birthdays

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Milk Kefir Grains, Organic, Tybetan Mushroom, Living Probiotics Starter

Milk Kefir grains with instructions. Kefir is a fermented milk product (cow, goat or sheep milk) that tastes like a drinkable yogurt. Kefir contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium,vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics. Milk kefir ( also known as Tibetan Mushroom and Snow Lotus) is one of the best sources of probiotics available, containing 7 to 10 billion colony forming units of good bacteria. The strains of bacteria present in kefir are more potent than probiotics in yogurt or supplements and actually recolonize the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal system, improving digestion. Summary of Kefir Health Benefits: Google “Kefir Health Benefits” and you’ll soon be hankering after some Milk Kefir Grains of your very own! Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of Milk Kefir Grains: • Kefir health benefits include curing or controlling acne, sleep disorders, depression, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, colitis, diarrhoea, etc.? • Kefir significantly reduces sugar cravings. • Kefir has antioxidants and anti-aging properties. It can neutralize the free radicals, which damage the body cells and tissues by oxidizing them. By reducing the impact of free radical damage, Kefir can slow down the aging process. • Kefir can provide us the beneficial microorganisms that can improve digestion, to alleviate some common digestive problems like gas, bloating, indigestion, etc. It can ensure regular bowel movement to cure constipation. The enzymes found in it can be especially beneficial for the people with lactose intolerance. • Kefir has antibiotic and antifungal properties. It can prove helpful in conditions like, candidiasis (yeast infection). • Kefir can cleanse the colon and address any kind of intestinal problem. It can provide relief in inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). • Kefir has a stimulating effect on the immune system and hence, can improve its disease fighting capacity.

Product Features

  • Milk Kefir grains with instructions.
  • Real kefir grains, not the limited use powdered cultures. Our grains are alive and will grow and reproduce indefinitely if properly cared for. No repurchase necessary.
  • Dispatched the same day, 1st Class delivery
  • Organic living probiotics, Gluten Free
  • We provide you with 5 grams of fresh milk kefir grains (enough to ferment one metric cup/250 ml of milk in 24hours.) The exact amount you need to begin: neither so few that you can’t meet your daily needs, nor so many that, after the first week, as the grains reproduce, you’re swamped with more grains than you know what to do with!

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