Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Machine – Voted “Best Buy” By Which? Magazine – 1.5 Litre Bowl – Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker With Detachable Mixing Paddle – Large Ingredients Funnel Dispenser And Recipes Suggestions Included

If you like the idea of delicious, indulgent ice cream at the touch of a button, then the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is for you. Forget plain old vanilla; get creative with tangy lemon meringue, smooth peanut butter or naughty chocolate brownie – with your own ice cream machine the possibilities are endless! As you are in control, you can avoid artificial ingredients found in mass-produced ice creams, make healthy treats, and adapt your recipes to cater for allergies.

Making Ice Cream
Pre-freezing the inner bowl takes around 8 hours, so we recommend you simply pop it in the freezer the night before your ice cream making session! Once you have your bowl ready, making ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt takes just 20-30 minutes. Ingredients are added gradually through the large ingredient funnel and will be churned as they freeze to give you a temptingly creamy consistency.

Once the ice cream is made, the inner bowl simply lifts out to allow easy serving – or you can pop it in the freezer if you want to save some for later. Serve up in the Andrew James Sundae Glasses with our long spoons for a real treat!

The inner bowl, mixing paddle and lid all detach from the machine and can be quickly rinsed under the tap after use – easy peasy!

Our Ice Cream Maker is very quiet in operation (approx. 65dba) so you can be chilling out while your mixture is being frozen. The compact size means this little machine is easy to store away and bring out whenever the ice cream cravings hit you or you want to impress your family and friends with your creative flare!

*Voted Best Buy by Which Magazine*
*Winner of the Mail on Sunday Ice Cream Maker test June 2015*
*In The Top Ten Best Ice Cream Makers as reviewed by The Independent and The Telegraph newspapers*

Bowl Size: 17.8cm Diameter, 15cm High
Please note: Scoop and food not included

Product Features

  • ‘BEST BUY’ AS VOTED BY WHICH MAGAZINE — At Andrew James we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products and proud that the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker has been voted the Which ‘Best Buy’. We all love ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt, so get the whole family involved and enjoy some delicious homemade ice cream.
  • FAST HOMEMADE ICE CREAM — To make delicious homemade ice cream in just 15 – 20 minutes, all you need to do is pre-freeze the removeable 1.5 litre bowl, once frozen put the bowl into the ice cream machine, switch on the paddle and pour the mix in via the funnel built into the lid. Meringue? Berries? Choc chips? If you or your kids have a sweet tooth you can also add your favourite treats in the large ingredient dispenser funnel whilst mixing.
  • REFRESHING FROZEN YOGURT & SORBET — If you’re looking for an ice cream maker for kids or young children, then the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is perfect as our machine can also make refreshing frozen yoghurts and fruity sorbets.
  • RECIPES SUGGESTIONS & EASY CLEANING — Included with every model is six ice cream maker recipes to get you started, these include vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, raspberry frozen yogurt, chocolate mint ice cream, banana ice cream and lemon sorbet. Our Ice cream machine is really easy clean and maintain as the mixing paddle is removable and the bowl can be hand washed and dried.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence as the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Summer Recipes: Over 30 Homemade Ice-Cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Summer Recipes: Over 30 Homemade Ice-Cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt Recipes

This book is for those who are ice cream lovers (like me!!). If you love ice cream and you love to enjoy different kinds of taste in ice creams, this book is definitely for you with 30 different ice cream recipes for you.

I have shared 30 unique ice cream recipes in this book. In the last chapter, I have also given a treat for you with 5 sorbet recipes and 5 frozen yogurt recipes.

In the first chapter, you will enjoy 4 really delicious gourmet ice cream recipes. Just follow the instructions and you can make gourmet ice creams at home too.

The next chapter is about some really easy fruit ice cream recipes. If you live fruits and you love ice creams too, you would love that chapter.

The next chapter is for fruit and ice cream lovers too. If you like ice creams with fruity mixture, you would love making fruity ice creams for you.

If you are a vegan, you will love the chapter in which I have shared some vegan recipes of ice cream for you.

I have not forgotten diabetic patients. Chapter no 5 is about people who are diabetic patients but love ice creams!

The sequence of chapters is:

  • Chapter 01: Gourmet Ice Cream Recipes
  • Chapter 02: Fruity Ice Cream Recipes
  • Chapter 03: Exciting Combination of Fruits
  • Chapter 04: Vegan Ice Creams
  • Chapter 05: Ice Cream for Diabetes Patients
  • Chapter 06: Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Download your E book “Summer Recipes: Over 30 Homemade Ice-Cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt Recipes” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Icy Pleasure: 25 Overly-delicious Frozen Yogurt Recipes

The vibrant colors of frozen yogurts are enough to lure you into their delicious world forever. Frozen yogurts are mesmerizing the dessert fans across the world with their heavenly smooth texture and incredibly tasty combination of ingredients.

There are endless varieties to prepare, when it comes to frozen desserts. They let you enjoy your favorite flavors and fresh seasonal fruits and berries. They are the new favorite dessert on everyone’s dining table. You can whip up a frozen yogurt from almost any fruit, making them one popular dessert option no matter what season it is. Be it autumn, summer, spring or winter, frozen yogurts are there to give your meals a perfect sweet ending.

This is recipe book is a special collection of 25 wonderfully vibrant homemade frozen yogurts prepared using your favorite flavors. Explore the recipes featuring chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, pumpkin, avocado, lemon, mint, rum, pistachio, pineapple, and many more.

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Frozen Yogurt: Chill Out on National Frozen Yogurt Day with the Coolest 40 FroYo Recipes

The 40 frozen yogurt recipes in this book are for the FroYo connoisseur.

Not only will you discover how to make 20 gourmet flavors of frozen yogurts but you will also find 20 frozen fancies.

A far healthier, low-fat alternative to ice cream, frozen yogurt is also a little more tart.

With such a great variety of flavors and chilled creations, you are guaranteed to find new favorites.

February 6 is National Frozen Yogurt Day so Chill Out with:

• Cherry Limeade Frozen Yogurt
• Maple Lavender Frozen Yogurt
• Roasted Bananarama
• Grilled and Glazed Pineapple FroYo Sundaes
• Honey Frozen Yogurt Dipped Blueberries
• Pumpkin FroYo Pie

Eat it plain or flavored, add fruit, sauce, nuts, coconut, syrup or whipped cream.

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Yogurt Centered Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Tasty Yogurt Dish Ideas!

Do you love yogurt? You can only use it in recipes for dishes like pudding, right?

Not anymore – you can use yogurt in all kinds of food.

Whether it is lending depth to sauces or turning chicken breasts into moist main dishes, yogurt can be included in many of the recipes you may use already.

Most dishes here will feature plain yogurt. The best yogurt to use in cooking is free of added coloring, sugars or thickeners.

Would you like to include yogurt in your at-home recipes?

We’ll show you how that’s done.

This cookbook includes many kinds of dishes created with yogurt.

From lunch to dinner, side dishes, desserts and appetizers, we are sharing 30 yogurt-based recipes in one E-book. This cookbook sets you on the right path to healthier dishes you can make at home. Your family and friends will love them. Try a few of these recipes soon!

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50 purifying probiotic diets with the healthiest food. Probiotic foods recipes for purifying your digestive system

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your body, especially your digestive system. People usually think of bacteria as something that causes illness and diseases, but your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help to keep your body healthy by helping the digestive system to function.

In this cookbook, you will find the main sources of probiotics, the list of healthy probiotic products that are good to use and will find tasty and curative probiotic diet recipes such as delicious probiotic cabbage salad and succulent sauerkraut with turmeric and jalapeno. Because maintaining and following a balanced diet helps to keep your body healthy and prevents the development of many diseases connected with the digestive system, we try different diet plans that have their pros and cons. The probiotic food has several advantages that put it on the top of diet plans – it won’t exhaust your body, you don’t have to restrict yourself too much, and it helps your digestive system.

The dishes are easy to prepare, with simple to follow instructions, but delightful and appetizing. In this diet cookbook, you will find useful advice and tips that will help you to set a nutrition plan, especially for your needs – be it a workout in the gym or weight loss.

The benefits of this cookbook:

Delicious, mouthwatering probiotic dishes that are easy to cook.
Nutritious meals help your body to restore after exercises and workouts.
Dishes that help your digestive system to function properly.
Affordable probiotic ingredients.

Want to know more? Look inside!

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Probiotic Recipes – A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle with Probiotics

Probiotics are a distinctive food which is key to living a balanced diet and lifestyle. The most common misconception is that probiotics are only found in yogurts. There are plenty of sources for probiotics one fairly unknown source is pomegranates. Probiotics can be acquired in a variety of delicious foods from yogurt, cheese, kefir, sour cream.

Inside You’ll Learn
– Variety of Easy Probiotic Recipes + Select Advanced Recipes
– Probiotic health benefits
– A history of Probiotics

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