100 Pack Reusable Ice Popsicle Pouches with Funnel DIY Zip Freeze Tubes for Ice Candy, Yogurt, Juice and Fruit Smoothies/ BPA Free Ice Pop Pouch Marker

Our ice popsicle bags made of safe materials. Large size 11 x 2″ for many fun.
Side reinforced and zip sealed mold bags, easy to use and don’t worry splitting when freezing.
Make DIY ice candy tubes, snacks, juice pops, smoothies, frozen yogurt sticks, popsicles icicles and other pops.
Package includes:
100 pcs disposable popsicle mold bags
1 pcs funnel

Product Features

  • SAFE ICE POPSICLE TUBES – Made of food grade material, BPA Free, Non-toxic, No Phthalates, it’s safe for you and your kids
  • FEATURES – These ice pop bags is 2 inch wide, 11 inch long, it come with 100 popsicle molds, 1 funnel per package. They can be reusable and durable. Reinforced side seals to preven splitting when freezing. Forget about spilling and messy freezers
  • EASY TO USE – The popsicle bags can be zip sealed for your convience. Just fill with funnel, zip closed and freezee. Our ice pop pouch can hold either thick or liquid fluids
  • TIPS – 1.Filling is easy using a funnel 2. Don’t pouring fullily, make sure to leave about 1/2 inch of space at the top 3. Keep each pouch vertical to ensure no spillage or leakage
  • WIDE APPICATION – Great for DIY ice pops, snacks, ice candy, yogurt sticks, juice, fruit smoothies and vegetable pops or other freeze pops. Make homemade popsicle for camping, beach, picnics, kids parities and family activities

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Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Straws Set Of 4, Free Cleaning Brush Included Strongest Metal Reusable Eco Friendly Drinking Straws 8.5 Silver

Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Straws

Straws make it easier to enjoy your favorite drinks, but they’re far from easy on the planet. All of that plastic waste that straws create ends up lingering in landfills for years, and having to buy straws again and again ends up wasting your money, too. Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are the solution to the problem and allow you to get all of the simple pleasures of drinking through a straw while saving money and leading a more sustainable life.

Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are just like ordinary drinking straws in terms of their shape and size. Our straws measure 8.5 inches from end to end, and they have a slight bend at the top to make it easy to take a sip. But that’s where the differences between our straws and those flimsy plastic ones end!

Manufactured out of 18/10 stainless steel, our drinking straws are ultra durable. They won’t rust, crack or become scratched, and their ends won’t end up crushed like a plastic straw’s does. Best of all, you can use them again and again and again because they’re so strong.

Sold in a set of six, Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are perfect for everyday use and for entertaining. The straws are completely nontoxic and free of BPA, so you can feel good about giving them to your friends and family to use. After you have enjoyed a drink with one of the straws, you can clean it up in no time. We give you one flexible wire brushes that fit perfectly inside to make it easy to give our straws a thorough scrub and get them ready for next time.

Ditch those wasteful plastic straws once and for all and make a switch to the stronger, longer lasting and more sustainable straw. Order the Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Drinking Straws and get Four of our heavy-duty straws plus a cleaning brush!

Product Features

  • GREAT FOR MOST KIND SIZE CUPS AND ROCKS.The Chuzy Chef reusable straws are to be the best metal straws you can find. The stainless steel straw is perfect for cocktail glasses! Before we designed these stainless steel straws, our kids were always tipping over their drinks because their reusable straws were too long. Dentists and pediatricians recommend a straw cup over a sippy cup. Our safer rounded end straws are also available in pint and quart sizes.
  • FUND AND STYLISH. Our straws make drinking so much fun and they are stylish at the same time! Goes well as a gift for any occasion.
  • 4 STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS AND FREE CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED. Chuzy Chef straws are 8.5″ long, The rounded ends are noticeably less sharp and more comfortable in your mouth, and they are safer in the event you accidentally poke yourself!
  • STRONG, DURABLE AND ECOFRIENDLY. Our reusable stainless steel straws are long lasting, dishwasher safe, rust resistant, break proof and suitable for all types of foods and beverages, . Stainless Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the kitchen to make cookware, utensils, commercial food processing and storage equipment, and more. Stainless steel will not leach any chemicals into your beverage like plastic can.
  • SAFE FOR ALL TYPES OF BEVERAGES . Chuzy Chef Stainless Steel Straws will work well for water, juice, iced tea, coffee, soda, etc and also smoothies, yogurt, milk shakes, frozen cocktails, or protein shakes.

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Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Storage Bag with Drawstrings; Large 29.5 * 32.5CM 5 Pack Christmas Holiday Gift; Reusable & Multipurpose; Great for gadget & Household Organizing (L)

Cotton storage bags are made from cotton material.
The drawstring closure provides easy access and a convenient way
to carry.You can use as a cotton laundry bag to keep your dirty items
separate from clean clothes or shoes while traveling.Meanwhile,
muslin bags are washable. easy to care for.

Important Note:Since the bags are 100% cotton,they will shrink
slightly after the first wash, about 0.3″,depending on your laundry
settings.Better to wash with cold water and air dry.

Ideal choice for large family, with an extra capacity to store grocery
It has a versatility that makes it easy to fill and simple to carry, giving you the option
of transporting your dirty clothing easily during your journey.
Big large fits most standard-sized sorters and hampers,
providing versatility in storage after you are done with your laundry.
It will match any look with ease,giving you endless options for adding to your decor style.

Get creative with gift wrap, natural and unique
Choosing the right gift for your loved one can be difficult,particularly
when you’re shopping for somebody who seems to have absolutely
everything already!There’s Nothing Like a Handmade Gift from a Loved one!
Makes a great gift or favor bag to bring out the natural earthly feeling.
Cotton favor bags are packaged in a nice presentation that
just to give these bags as a gift in itself would be awesome.Bags come
bound together by a brown paper band around the middle and tied with jute.

With so many different options available, this bag will give you all
the functionality you deserve, taking the hard part out of your organizer work!

Product Features

  • VERSATILE COTTON STORAGE BAG: Grocery storage, hamper liner, perfect helper on moving days. Can also be used in straining yogurt, juice and nut milk; cooking herbs or spices into broths, storing precious silverware, organizing bed sheets etc
  • ORGANIC MATERIAL: Time to eliminate plastic bags. Use this organic, 100% Cotton/Muslin storage bag with a smooth and delicate fabric, which allows for air circulation. Easy to care for. Easily washed with cold water and air dried
  • STURDY & GREAT SIZE: 13 inch. Big enough for large items in home, especially in the kitchen. A 5 pack set makes a great travel accessory bags for electronic cords and gadgets. Provides extra storage to keep crafts and kids stuff
  • PERFECT INDOOR & OUTDOOR ORGANIZER: Very portable, trouble and hassle free when used on shopping trips. Fold them up and put them in your shopping bag, cute purse, clutch, man purse, backpack or canvas bag. It’s very compact
  • IDEAL GIFT BAGS: Bags come bound together by a brown paper, band around the middle and tied with jute, Great use as a grocery shopping bag, gift bags for birthdays

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Reusable Food Pouch (8 Pack) + FREE PAPERBACK RECIPE BOOK – BPA Free No Leak Squeeze Design – Easy Fill & Clean – Great For; Weaning, Pureed Fruit, Organic & Homemade Baby Food, Babies Toddlers & Kids


Want your kids to enjoy homemade food in a fun way?
Bored of trying expensive single use pouches and jars?
Want to do your bit for your kids environment?
Like the idea but stuck for recipe ideas to get you started?

Look no further – our versatile Mini Meals pouches & recipe book are perfect for every growing family..

Prepare inexpensive, additive-free, homemade healthy food and simply store in the pouch
Ecofriendly – once finished, rinse, refill, reuse time and time again
Squeeze food onto a spoon or leave for kids to enjoy with less mess!
Perfect for kids of all ages, fill with; pureed food, breast milk, yogurt, smoothies and juices

Why other parents love our Mini Meals pouches

Bumper 8 pack (+2 spare caps) is enough meals to last over a week
Feed your baby on the go – simply place in your day bag & pull out whenever your little one is hungry
Physical recipe book means you are never stuck for ideas
Wide opening and no corners ensures easy fill and clean

Time Saving
Freezer safe – make batches & store extra in the freezer
Make meals in minutes – remove from freezer & warm in hot water
Dishwasher safe – simply rinse through first and place on top shelf

Quality Construction & Safe
Designed with fill line, visible contents & double zip seal means no leaks
BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Durable pouches can be used again & again
Save money when compared to other pouches and jars
Perfect for kids to grow up with. Great for school lunches and days out.

We’re so confident you’ll love your Mini Meals pouches that each order comes with a 365 day fuss free money back guarantee.

Click Add to Basket to get your Mini Meals pouches at our special launch price

Product Features

  • SAVE MONEY, TIME & THE ENVIRONMENT: Never again buy expensive single use pouches & nasty jars. Make batches of your own additive-free lovingly prepared baby food & store with 8 Mini Meals pouches
  • FREE PAPERBACK RECIPE BOOK: Stuck for ideas? Don’t know where to start? We’ve got it covered with our Mini Meals recipe book with 30 recipe ideas suitable from stage 1 up..
  • NO LEAK; EASY FILL & CLEAN DESIGN: Round corners and a wide double zipper opening ensures easy filling & allows water to flow easily through the pouch, rinsing away any mess.
  • VERSATILE & SAFE: Ideal for; pureed food, yogurt, breast milk, smoothies and juices. Mini Meals pouches are also top rack dishwasher and freezer safe, BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free!
  • ADD TO BASKET NOW if you want to: save money, spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your baby and do your bit for your baby’s planet

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iNeibo Kitchen Mesh Nut Milk Bag – Reusable Ideal Food Mesh Strainer For Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Yogurt, All Purpose Green Juice Filter (10″x12″&12″x12″)

iNeibo-Your Neighbor, Your Home Helper!

iNeibo Kitchen Mesh Nut Milk Bag

Imagine never having to buy a non-recyclable boxed “milk” again. Instead, make your own RAW “milk” of any nut or seed you like! If you don’t feel like cleaning up after your juicer, or just don’t have a juicer. iNeibo Kitchen Mesh Nut Milk Bag will help you achieve all these:

What you will benefit:
* Eco Friendly – contains no artificial ingredients or colorings
* Premium food grade confirmed by the FDA
* Rounded corners for easy using and fast clean up
* Tear resistant
* LARGE OPENING that leaves plenty of room to squeeze out the milk without it overflowing
* PREMUM double-reinforced nylon stitching that provides 100% protection against pulp and impurities
* Fast drying and mold free with nylon drawstring
* MULTI-FUNCTION Kitchen Tool that fits over most any container
* A big time saver!
* Simple and space saving!

Click the Buy Button at the Top of this Page to Enjoy the Benefits of this Product!!!

Product Features

  • iNeibo Kitchen nut milk bag is design specially for fine-particle filtration, the mesh hole is small and it will prevent small sediment go into your drinks
  • Easy to use, just take your nuts, vegetables, fruits or seeds and blend them with water, then pour into your Micron-mesh Nut Milk Bag and squeeze
  • Strong mesh food strainer, you can use our Nut Milk Bags over and over again, without fear that it will tear in just a couple of uses. Save your money
  • Easy to clean and store, come with a drawstring. Invert the bag and rinse it with warm water, it will dry quickly
  • Specifically tailored for nut milks, vegetable juice, fruit juice, cold brew coffee

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iNeibo Kitchen Mesh Nut Milk Bag – Reusable Ideal Food Mesh Strainer For Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Yogurt, All Purpose Green Juice Filter (12″x12″)

Product Features

  • iNeibo Kitchen nut milk bag is design specially for fine-particle filtration, the mesh hole is small and it will prevent small sediment go into your drinks
  • Easy to use, just take your nuts, vegetables, fruits or seeds and blend them with water, then pour into your Micron-mesh Nut Milk Bag and squeeze
  • Strong mesh food strainer, you can use our Nut Milk Bags over and over again, without fear that it will tear in just a couple of uses. Save your money
  • Easy to clean and store, come with a drawstring. Invert the bag and rinse it with warm water, it will dry quickly
  • Specifically tailored for nut milks, vegetable juice, fruit juice, cold brew coffee

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3 SQUIZ Reusable Refillable Food Pouches SWISS-MADE for Babyfood / Yogurts – no BPA

Reusable food pouches are a feeding revolution! SQUIZ is the only Swiss-made brand designed in France. Created by a midwife and mother-of-five, parents can now save money and offer healthy choices in fun refillable packaging! For babies ready to start solids, SSQUIZ pouches can be filled with whatever suits your baby’s weaning style…from a pureed savoury meal to a smoothie snack for easy self-feeding on the go. The fun animal designs encourage older kids to enjoy healthy snacks: smoothies, yogurts, soups…the only limit is your imagination! Ethically-produced from 100% European materials, SQUIZ’s social commitment is recognised with a B-Corp certification – an international standard which brings together business leaders as drivers of profound societal and environmental change. SQUIZ reusable pouches are a simple, economical, and healthy alternative to disposable food pouches (which are very difficult to recyclable). Easy to fill, freeze, reheat, clean, and carry anywhere without the risk of messy leaks, SQUIZ gives you and your family a choice of flavours and ingredients. Filled with homemade or store-bought food (purées, smoothies, yogurts, porridge…), they make on-the-go meals and snacks child’s play! SQUIZ are fully compatible with pouch-filling systems but can be easily filled with a spoon through the large zippered opening at the bottom. While fully dishwasher safe, to extend the life of your Squiz pouches, it is recommended to hand-wash them using a bottle brush. With the exclusive ergonomic SQUIZ’TOP* silicone adapter for ages 4-24 months, SQUIZ offers everything to make your life simpler. SQUIZ are packaged in a reusable zippered pouch. Recipes and tips on the SQUIZ website. *sold separately on Amazon

Product Features

  • FUN ON-THE-GO Kids love the animal designs, and even picky eaters will be tempted to try nutritious snacks. Babies and toddlers can self-feed on the go with less mess! Great for purees, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge…
  • PRACTICAL: Wide double-zip bottom closure for easy filling and cleaning with no leaks! Specially designed with no corners to trap food. Dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • HEALTHY & ECOLOGICAL: Fill with homemade goodness – no hidden sugar, salt, or additives. Reusable an average of 50 times – saves resources and reduces waste.
  • MONEY SAVER: No more money wasted on expensive disposable pouches. Make your own food, or buy pre-made food in bulk and divide.
  • ETHICAL : The ONLY Swiss-made reusable pouch made from 100% European materials, guaranteed guaranteed BPA-, BPS-, PVC-, and Phthalate- free.

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TGNS TM 2 Pack (12″x12″) & (12″x9″) Strong Reusable Almond NUT Milk Bags – Commercial Food Grade Fine Nylon Mesh – Food Strainer & Cheese Maker Coffee & Tea Filter

6 Reasons To Buy TGNS Nut Milk Bag Strainer: 1. Big, Strong, Sturdy & 100% Durable -We use the best quality food grade 200 micron nylon mesh, so squeeze as hard as you want it’s tested for durability & strength, if it fails in the nut milk press it’s our not yours. 2. Premium Quality & Fool Proof Best Design Commercial Grade- Longest lasting strong & best milk nut bag with double reinforced stitched edges “double seem” fine nylon food strainer available in the market. 3. Easy To Clean/Use, Pulp Free & Quick Dry – We designed it with rounded edges “U” shape for easy cleaning & fine 200 micron mesh with zero bits guaranteed, its a fully reusable strainer so you can enjoy silky smooth drinks lifelong using any way you like as blender filter. 4. 2 Pack – Two For The Price of One | Pay For 1 & Get 2 NUT MILK Bags In Our BEST Deal – 2 Fine nut milk hemp bags one Large 12″x12″ & one Medium 9″x12″ included, so it can meet all your strainer needs. 5. Friendly Customer Service: Always here to help, feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns. 6. 100% Money Back Guarantee – BUY with Full “Peace Of Mind”, if you’re not fully satisfied send it back anytime for a Refund within 90 Days of purchase. Click the “Add to Cart” button now and enjoy healthy & organic nut milk everyday!!

Product Features

  • New Design: Wider Opening and conical shape to avoid Waste and Messy Pouring and Easy to clean
  • Material: FOOD GRADE commercial nylon mesh, BPA Free – Triple Nylon Seams, Durable, and Sturdy
  • Fit for all kinds of Homemade Organic Milk, Fruit Vegetable Juice, Sprouts, Greek Yogurt and Tea
  • Included 2 bags: 1 large (12″x12″) & 1 medium (9″x12″) ensuring it fits all of your needs

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Pouch2Go Reusable Baby Food Pouches (Pack of 5 Pouches 100 ml)

The Difference is Clear!

Couple our Unique Transparent Design with use of Best Quality Materials and our Outstanding Customer Service and you might very well have the best reusable food pouch out there!

– Clear, easy clean design keeps kids engaged and you can see when they’re nearly done
– We made it like this so that old food doesn’t get stuck in it – no nasty corners – you can see everywhere
– Robust, reliable zipper – stays closed – and the tops are designed not to be a choking hazard for babies
– Healthy, wholesome homemade food ready to take anywhere: home, kindergarten, park, car, etc…
– Also ideal for concerts, stadium events, golfers, hikers, yoga practitioners and winter sports enthusiasts

From the moment you first start using our pouches – you will be amazed how easy they are to prepare and organise.
The convenient pack of 5 makes it simple to prepare once for the whole week all your favorite homemade recipes – natural, fresh ingredients – nothing artificial – and either store them in the freezer or fridge until time to use.
You will notice how easy it is to fill direct from the food processor because of its wide opening on the bottom. The spout is mounted on the top – the most natural position for kids to handle and the cap is big so it’s not a choking hazard.
We’ve taken the best – and made it better. No short-cuts. They are manufactured in a FDA approved facility to the highest quality standards and are certified BPA free (“Bisphenol A” in case you were wondering!).
So after you order from us today – if you have any questions – don’t hesitate – all your feedback is incredibly valuable. We want you to be totally happy and satisfied with this product.

We offer a full 90 day money back, no questions asked guarantee. You absolutely cannot be disappointed

Order now – one pack contains 5 pouches

Product Features

  • TRANSPARENT EASY TO CLEAN and fill due to the elegant transparent design with wide bottom opening. Use a Funnel Pitcher for mess free filling. You see how much is left. No difficult corners for food to get trapped in. Designed to hold 3.4oz so conforms with TSA liquids guidelines for air travel. Works great with Infantino Squeeze Station
  • DURABLE and long-lasting – BPA, Phthalate, Lead & PVC Free – just follow our easy care instructions for months of reliable service. No surprises! The zippers on these pouches are designed to stay closed even after repeated use. No leakages. We guarantee that!
  • HEALTHY, FRESH, HOMEMADE food for babies, toddlers and even bigger kids. Mums and Dads have even told us they secretly use these themselves!
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY – Applesauce, smoothies, yogurt… your whole family will appreciate all their favorite snacks in this familiar designed pouch (just like shop bought throw-away ones – but without the expense and trash mountain!).
  • HOME, CAR, PARK, TRAIN, PLANE …. these things will deliver benefit all the time. Great for adults: Sports and Outdoors. Order now – our 90 day money back, no questions asked guarantee means you can’t lose

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BUY THIS NOW And Believe In DRINK HEALTHY STAY FIT! Commercial Grade Nut Milk Bag – Extra Large (12″ X 12″) Reusable, All Purpose Strainer, Fine Mesh Nylon Cheesecloth – Perfect For Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee Filter, Juicing!!




✅ Magikuchen’s Bigger And Better Nut Milk Bag Is The Perfect Strainer For Juices, Kefir, Home Made Almond Nut Milk, Soy Milk, Cashew Nut Milks, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, Organic Fruit Juices, Green Juice, Vegetable Juices, Hemp Milk, Flax Milk, Blendtec Drinks, Ghee: All Smooth, Creamy And Delicious
✅ Use It As Cold Brew Coffee Filter, Iced Tea Maker, Beer Home Brewer, Cheese Maker And Much More
✅ A Fine Mesh Strainer For Vitamix Juicing Without A Juicer
✅ Rounded Corners For Easy Milking And Fast Clean Up
✅ Eco Friendly With No Dyes Or Chemical Additives Of Any Kind & No Pulp Residue Left After Washing
✅ The Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag Is Double The Capacity Of Most & Made To Fit Over Pitcher Mouths, Medium Bowls & Large Jars For Easy Pouring Unlike Small, Messy Bags
✅ The Perfect Size Mesh Only Lets The Milk & Nutrients Through, Ensuring Smooth & Delicious Nut Milks – NO GRAINY PULP – Just Thick, Rich & Nutritious Milk – All Food Grade Nylon Materials Made To Last & Last


✅ ORDER NOW So You Can Start Enjoying Healthy, Delicious Nut Milks!


✅ Order Now by clicking Add to Cart button and think of getting two: One for You and One for Your Loved One 🙂

Product Features

  • ★ PERFECT SIZE ★ Finest Quality Large Size 12″X12″ FOOD GRADE, BPA FREE Nylon Mesh Bag. Perfect For Filtrating Finest Particles. Prevent Smallest Sediment To Go Into Your Drinks. Wide Opening Fits Over Most Container Or Glass Jar.
  • ★ TIGHT STIFF & TEAR FREE ★ Made Of 75 Micron Count, The Perfect Nylon Thread Count To Keep The Bag Soft. This Makes Squeezing Super Easy. Reusable, Use It Over And Over Again, Without Fear Of Tear. Save Money!
  • ★ STRESS FREE CLEANING ★ Rounded Bottom And Double Reinforced Stitching, Just Invert The Bag And Clean With Warm Water Leaving No Pulp Behind. Use Nylon Drawstring To Hang For Fast Drying And Keep It Mold Free.
  • ★ MULTI- FUNCTION ★ Strain & Squeeze Home Made Drinks: Almond Nut Milk, Soy Milk, Rice Milk, Keffir, Organic Fruit And Green Juices, Filter Cold Brew Coffee, Beer, Tea, Herbal Emulsions, Chicken Stock. Use It As Cheese Maker Or For Tofu Pressing. Use For Sprouting Seeds And Pulses.
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ No Risk Money Back Guarantee, PLUS FREE GUIDE BOOK With Many Healthy Recipes, Offers And Deals, Exclusively For You. BUY NOW And Be Our Valued Customer Forever.

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