Almased Soya, Yogurt and Honey Meal Replacement for Weight Loss 500g

The Almased vital nourishment powder in the classic container. A practical accessory is the Almased shaker. It carries a guaranteed two portions of Almased. Shaken, not stirred – your Almased cocktail is now ready. 10-portion pack Almased in a practical portion-size pouch. Particularly convenient for short business trips and weekend getaways. What’s more, now you don’t need to bring the large container to work at lunchtime. Almased® is a powder made from natural high-quality fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder and enzyme-rich honey. It contains all important nutrients the body needs, essential amino acids and enzymes for easy digestion. Almased® is non-GMO, gluten-free and contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial, flavours or fillers. Almased® uses an clinically tested formula and can be used by nearly anybody and is diabetic friendly. A well-functioning metabolism is not only important for weight loss but also for overall health. Many diseases occur because the metabolism does not function properly. Unhealthy eating habits are one of the main causes of a slower metabolism – usually salt, sugar and fat intake are too high. However, the quality of our food is another problem: Industrial production, flavour enhancers and preservatives destroy important nutrients, amino acids and enzymes. As a result, a large number of people have an extremely slow metabolism. The body burns fewer calories which can lead to obesity, lack of energy and other complications. Almased® helps your body to function at its optimal level. This not only leads to weight loss, but it also avoids the dreaded yo-yo effect. Since the metabolism doesn’t slow down during the Almased® Diet, you can prevent regaining the lost weight once you eat regularly again.

Product Features

  • Fast, effective weight loss, sustainable results, supported by over 25 years of scientific research
  • Clinically improved weight loss versus a low fat, low calorie diet
  • Reduces body fat without loss of essential muscle mass
  • Using natural ingredients, with NO artificial fillers, flavours, added sugars, preservatives or stimulants
  • Suitable for those with Diabetes

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