Vegan Starter Cultures for Homemade BIO Yogurt – Non-dairy product for Use with Dairy and Soy Milk | Very good results with homemade Coconut Milk and Almond Milk

If you are a vegan, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yogurt. Vegan yogurt is the perfect alternative to ordinary yogurt, which allows you to enjoy it without feeling guilty and without breaking the rules of the lifestyle you chose to embrace. There are many vegan yogurt brands on the market, that is true, but you can also easily prepare it at home as well. There are people who prefer making this type of yogurt at home because they are not fully satisfied by the products found on the market or they miss that particular yogurt taste of the one made at home, without any additives or sweeteners. To prepare vegan homemade yogurt, all you need is plain soy milk and high-quality probiotics. The probiotics would have to be, of course, vegan as well, if you don’t want them to compromise and contaminate your vegan yogurt recipe. Also, to make sure that your yogurt will turn out to be delicious and without any weird taste due to the probiotics, it is recommended to use the freeze-dried type of probiotics. You will have to let the yogurt to sit overnight in your yogurt maker, so you won’t be able to consume it immediately. But, the wait is worth it, because in the morning you will enjoy breakfast that contains vegan yogurt. Don’t be scared if you notice a layer of liquid on top of the yogurt when you take it out from the yogurt maker in the morning because that’s just whey. You can choose to remove it if you like your yogurt to be thicker, like Greek-style yogurt, or to mix the whey with the rest of the yogurt and make it more creamy and ready for smoothies. Use of thickeners is not recommended. However, if you wish to achieve the commercial store-bought vegan yogurt texture you need to use the same thickeners as manufacturers.

Product Features

  • Contains 14 Vegetarian Capsules with Juice Extracted Yogurt Starter Cultures.
  • Each capsule makes 1L of Allergen,Additives and GMO – free Organic Yogurt or Vegan substitute for Milk.
  • Work best with Soy and Dairy milk. Good results with Homemade thickener-free Coconut and Almond milk.Use of thickeners is not recommended, however if you wish to achieve the commercial vegan yogurt texture you might need to use them.
  • Contains ”Lactobacilus Gasseri” and ”Lactobacilus Rhamnosus”, ”Bifidus infantis”, ”Bifidus adolescentis” and many more.
  • Pure bacterial blend of cultures made in clean environment away from additives, maltodextrin and GMO. Suitable for Vegans and people avoiding dairy products.

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