Vivo © Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars & Automatic LCD Display

Product Features

  • Description: Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars & Automatic LCD Display.
  • Create 100% natural, healthy yoghurt in the comfort of your own kitchen. Much more nutritious & economical than ready-made yoghurt from the shops. Easy to use LCD control panel comes with function button, time and temperature settings, increase and decrease buttons and a start/ cancel button. Contemporary white design looks stylish in any kitchen.
  • Features: 20W power. 1.5L capacity. 7x 200ml glass jar with lids. Mechanical heating by PTC. Stylish design. More nutritional. Electrically operated, makes healthy home-made yoghurt with no additives or preservatives. Needs just a little natural yoghurt and some milk (whole milk to make it thick and creamy). Very low running cost. Full instructions included.
  • Dimensions: Width 276mm x Depth 246mm x Height 148mm.
  • Creating the creamiest, dreamiest yoghurt is easy: 1) Add natural yoghurt/culture to pre-boiled milk. 2) Get creative with flavours/ingredients. 3) Fill yoghurt with your favourite fruit or go for something different like chocolate chips. 4) You can experiment with different thicknesses as well, ensuring the yoghurt is just how you like it. 5) If you fancy something a little more savoury, use it to create delicious herb dips. 6) Fermentation takes between 8-12 hrs, depending on the type of milk.

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3 Responses to Vivo © Professional Digital Natural Yoghurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars & Automatic LCD Display

  1. ANN HELMSING says:

    VIVO DEGITAL YOGURT MAKER Great little machine, used it 3 times and every batch of yogurt has turned out perfect, can’t fault this little machine, however, the instruction book isn’t easy to follow so it was mostly guess work and although the book didn’t mention preheating the milk to nearly boiling then leaving it to cool for an hour before adding my starter, I found preheating the milk made a much more tastier and thicker yogurt so that’s how I’ll always do it from now on, if you don’t like it thick it’s best to…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic, brilliant, and just the job! I am now happily making a batch of HEALTHY, CREAMY, THICK yogurts every week, and they get better and better. This little machine is all you need! You don’t need to pay a lot to get a really good deal here. It has all you need – you can adjust the timing to whatever you want, and unlike my first thoughts, you can set it way above the 8hr digital setting it starts up with. You can also set it at a higher temperature if you wish, and it is so economical – I…

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