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Greek Yogurt

lakeland yogurt makerWithin the last year, a great new product has been hitting the shelves in our everyday grocery stores that most people had never heard of before. Greek yogurt. Celebrities were blogging about it, there were commercials on TV, and our foodie friends adventurous enough to pick it up were raving about it in days. Naturally, many people are wondering, what is Greek yogurt, is Greek yogurt healthier than regular yogurt, what are the benefits of Greek yogurt, and what are the best brands of Greek yogurt? This overview of Greek yogurt will attempt to answer all of those questions and more, to introduce you well to this fabulous new dairy product.

1. Orally: If eaten regularly yogurt can help prevent an infection. The reason for this is because it is partly made up of live cultures called lactobacillus which work wonders to control and actually to counteract the fungus that can lead to yeast infections.

2. Externally: Yogurt is used externally on any parts of the body where there is a rash or infection. Many people use it on many parts of their skin, including under their breast and in their mouth (oral thrush). It can also, readily be applied to the areas such as the vulva for alleviating problems with irritation and itching.

3. Internally: Obviously eating yogurt is a form of internal treatment, but what I mean here is as a treatment for vaginal yeast infection. For this, you can insert the yogurt into the vagina for quick relief. Using a tampon is often the most efficient way to apply this treatment. If it is a bit messy, yogurt then you can firstly dip the tampon into the yogurt and then you can refrigerate it for a few minutes; this should yogurt a little harder and therefore easier to apply.

By eating plain yogurt every day, the L acidophilus will attack the Candida fungi in your intestinal tract and help to restore the balance in your system. How much you eat is pretty much up to you, you can start by eating 8 oz and gage how your body responds as it depends on what is going on in your system. Initially, it makes sense to eat more than you would at a regular sitting.

You can also add to the efficacy of this method by drinking pasteurized yogurt containing acidophilus. You will know which yogurts contain this fungi-fighting enzyme by checking the label if it has “live cultures” written.

As the strained yogurt or Greek yogurt is devoid of whey, it becomes creamy and dense. The straining of whey removes sugar and carbohydrates contained in the yogurt and makes for a low-fat Greek yogurt.

Benefit of Greek Yogurt

The best benefit of Greek yogurt is that it is loaded with protein in every serving. Regular yogurt has a small amount of protein, but Greek yogurt has a whopping twenty-three grams of protein in every cup. Protein has a ton of benefits and helps one build muscle and almost everything else in one’s body such as skin and cells. One serving of Greek yogurt has just as much protein in it as a skinless chicken breast. A high protein diet also helps one feel more full for a much longer period.

It is widely known that doctors support the consumption of yogurt when someone receives any antibiotic treatment. Since antibiotics destroy the physical balance of the human intestines and also some types of foods that contain the candida type of enzymes, have adverse effects, such as swelling or feeling gassed, the human organism needs to restore its natural balance through foods like yogurt. Specifically, yogurt helps the intestine re-establish its natural balance as it provides it with the necessary microorganisms for its functions.

Although both types of yogurt are healthy in their low-fat varieties, Greek yogurt has some serious advantages. The straining process characteristic of Greek yogurt removes much of the lactose, sugars, liquid whey and sugars, giving Greek yogurt that creamy texture and tangy taste that consumers love. This allows Greek yogurt to have nearly half the amount of sugar, and twice the protein of regular yogurt, but in roughly the same amount of calories.

Particularly useful for infants suffering from thrush, virgin coconut oil kills the thrush-causing fungi. You should ensure that you swab your nipples with a piece of cotton after every time you breastfeed your baby. You may also apply it to your child’s pacifier.

Juicy Berry Frozen Yogurt Lounge is just that, lounge-style with comfortable seating, fresh decor, and fantastic color-changed LED lights hanging from the ceiling. At the first of two locations, in Utah’s Gateway Mall, 16 flavors are offered at 41 cents an ounce. Customers can help themselves to free samples which are probably a good idea since some of the flavors aren’t very good. Some drinks, including teas and coffees, are also available. The website is pretty bare (and has some typos), but has a few nice pictures of the store.

A very simple but effective thrush remedy is saltwater, an ingredient which every home worldwide has. Get a glass of water, dissolve a teaspoon of salt into it. Pour some of the solutions into your mouth and swish for about 30 seconds, then spit it out. You may rinse your mouth with some cold water when you are done. Don’t swallow the salt solution.

Pickles & Sauerkraut Both pickles and sauerkraut contains high acidophilus bacteria that will surely get rid of the yeasts from your body. The advantage is that you can include these foods in your daily meal.

Kefir Yogurt

Kefir This is made out of fermented milk, commonly available in the northern Caucasus. Many local departmental stores are selling this nowadays. If you’re able to find one, then buy it and apply it on the yeast infected area. Kefir is very efficient in curing yeast infections.

If the cooler/kitchen was a bit cold before you put everything in, you might want to quickly take those containers out at about the 1-2 hour point and refresh with hot water. But keep the cooler closed as much as possible, to avoid letting the temperature of the yogurt containers from dropping.

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