Yoghurt Maker Aicok Homemade Yoghurt Machine 8 Glass Jars 1440ml Led Display With Temperature Setting And Timer Auto Off, Stainless Steel, 30W

Aicok stainless steel electric yoghurt maker is very easy to use and clean. With 8 glass jars, you can enjoy various flavors at a time. It is best for making natural healthy yoghurt.

Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 30W
Pot Capacity: 2.6L
Jar Capacity: 8 Jars per 180ml, 1440ml in total
Item Weight: 2.7kg
Dimension: 368x190X145mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Jar Material: Glass
Color: Silver

1. Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus.
2. Transparent top cover, making the state observable.
3. PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 30W for cost saving.
4. 8 glass jars for ferment yoghurt, easy for take and storage.
5. Timing and full-automation function embodied.
6. Sound prompt when finished.

Operation Steps
Step 1 Wash the jars and jar cover with warm water
Step 2 Mix whole milk and ferment in proportion and put them into the jars
Step 3 Add water to the ferment pot and cover with the top cap
Step 4 Set temperature and time
Step 5 Waiting for fermented yoghurt
Step 6 Keep freshness in the fridge (no more than 7 days)

1. Whole milk is recommended to make your yoghurt creamier. The lower the fat content in milk, the slightly thinner the consistency of the finished yoghurt will be.
2. Time depends on the temperature you set and which kind of milk you use, fat free milk takes longer than whole milk.
3. Please remove the plug after use and must not wash the machine before it cools down.
4. Please wash it in time after use, or the peculiar smell would appear.
5. Don’t brush it with banana oil, petrol, abstergent, hard brush and stainless steel ball, etc..

1 x Yoghurt Maker
8 x Glass Jars
1 x Instruction Manual

Product Features

  • ✔ EASY TO USE WITH TEMPERATURE SETTING AND TIMER – You can make your own yoghurt in only 6 hours. Temperature can be set from 20℃ to 55℃, the higher you set, the quicker you make.
  • ✔ 8 GLASS JARS WITH LIDS EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE – The 8 thick jars are not only dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but also well in your fridge. 8 different flavors at a time.
  • ✔ CONVENIENT LED DISPLAY WITH AUTO-SHUTOFF – LED display lets you know how much time is left in the yoghurt-making process. You don’t have to monitor the time, it will turn off itself.
  • ✔ STAINLESS STEEL STURDY FOR DURABLE USE – Unlike plastic and ceramic material, our yoghurt maker is not easy to break and is designed for durable use.
  • ✔ 2 YEARS WARRANTY AND BEST AFTER-SERVICES – Aicok yoghurt maker of high quality ensures you a good shopping experience. Please feel free to us if you have any concerns.

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2 Responses to Yoghurt Maker Aicok Homemade Yoghurt Machine 8 Glass Jars 1440ml Led Display With Temperature Setting And Timer Auto Off, Stainless Steel, 30W

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent yogurt maker, arrived in great packaging and everything seperated ready to use. The user instructions are easy to follow, to quick and easily make healthy homemade yogurt. It has 8 individual glass jars to make all different flavours of yogurt you decide. I have used the yogurt mix and then add water and leave in the yogurt maker and after few hours the yogurt is ready. You can use milk with a bit of live yogurt then add fruits, nuts or honey to mix and then leave in the yogurt…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing yoghurt maker. It is reasonably compact, of good quality construction.And it’s easy to use and clean.Distribute 1 small pot live yoghurt amongst the pots. Top up with 1 litre uht milk then stir. Then pour the mixed milk into the bottle . At last put all the bottles in the machine, cover the machine with its lid, and leave it there for 6-8 hours more or less.It makes great yoghurt very easily. Since its recent arrival this yogurt maker has become a…

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