Yoghurt Starter Cultures for Rose Yogurt – 10 Freeze Dried sachets

Myth or Not? Many people ask if it is true that the famous Lactobacillus Bulgaricus bacterium is found only in Bulgaria. The correct answer is no – you can grow the bacteria in different parts of the world (in fact many people do). What is unique about the Bulgarian strain is that only in Bulgaria it preserves its qualities in further generations of the same strain, i.e. if you use your previous yogurt to start your new batch. If this is how you make your yogurt outside Bulgaria, you will notice that after a batch or two, the yogurt loses its unique taste, physical appearance and qualities. Why this happens, scientists are not sure. It is often contributed to the unique climate of the region but there’s more to creating the perfect conditions for Lactobacillus Bulgaricus than the environment. So how can you prepare Bulgarian yogurt abroad? The answer is simple – use a dried-freeze yogurt starter culture with live Lactobacillus Bulgaricus that was produced in Bulgaria. Use a new culture with every batch of yogurt you make to preserve the unique taste and qualities of the yogurt. In this way you can achieve the traditional taste of kiselo mlyako (кисело мляко) similar to the one our grandmothers used to make, guaranteed.

Product Features

  • Unique Natural Rosa Flavour
  • Use with all yogurt-making appliances
  • One sachet is enough to make 1 litre of Rose yogurt
  • Contains live active bacteria like “Lactobaciluss Bulgaricus” and “Streptococcus termophiluss”
  • The starter can be kept out of the refrigerator up to 6 months

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2 Responses to Yoghurt Starter Cultures for Rose Yogurt – 10 Freeze Dried sachets

  1. Smith says:

    NB. ROSE YOGS HIBERNATE! I have lots of previous experience making my own yoghurt- usually using whole milk + a dollop of Live Yoghurt.This has always been very successful.I bought some Lactina Rose Yoghurt Cultures, but they didn’t seem to work…….After 8, then 10, then 12 hours- nothing!Even threw a too runny batch away.I thought “These YOGS are DEAD, DECEASED, EXTINCT, KICKED THE BUCKET, SHED THEIR MORTAL COIL, DEPARTED THIS WORLD, GONE TO MEET THEIR MAKER, and definitely NO…

  2. DAT MANAGEN says:

    I Wouldn’t Bother

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