Yogurt.bg Starter Culture for Traditional Bulgarian Yogurt – Pack of 3 sachets Original Homemade Bulgarian Milk Product

Instructions: 1. Boil the 1 liter milk, cool to 43-44 ° C . 2. Pour 1 sachet(1gram) of starter culture. 3. Mix well 3-4 minutes /use electric mixer or egg beater/ 4. Allow it stand for 6-10 hours by still keeping the temperature of 43-44 °C.(put in thermos or use Yogurt Maker). After that cool down the yoghurt in the fridge for few hours. Then the milk is ready for use. In case you use yoghurt maker follow the applied instructions. Storage conditions of the starter culture: Keep in a cool place in the refrigerator. Storage: at temperature below +20 °C – 24 months.

Product Features

  • New generation of starter culture based on lactic acid bacteria isolated from natural sources in Bulgaria – thousands years tradition
  • Turn towards tradition, making yogurt at home – you are always guaranteed to get a fresh and lively main product Benefits of home milk products 1. The complete absence of preservatives, stabilizers, flavorings, thickeners, dyes, sugars (mostly yogurt-store incorporate these ingredients).
  • 2. Cooking homemade yogurt , you are always guaranteed to get a fresh and lively main product (in-store yogurt , due to the addition of preservatives or heat treatment, the live microorganisms virtually absent and yogurt is not always fresh).
  • 3. To give the product at home, you seek in it the maximum number of live microorganisms and metabolic products . 4. No artificial essences & pigments All home made dairy products can be used as a children’s foods, it is very useful and safe.

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