Yogurt Starter Cultures – Pack of 3 Freeze-Dried Culture Sachets for Acidophilus Yogurt

11 interesting facts about yogurt 1. Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Regular yoghurt uses a minimum of 3.5% milk fat and 8.25% milk solids. 2. People have been making and eating yogurt for at least 5,500 years. 3. The earliest yogurts were probably spontaneously fermented by wild bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus native to and named after Bulgaria. 4. In 1916, Isaac Carasso of Barcelona introduced packaged yoghurt to Europe. He dubbed it Danone, his son Daniel’s nickname. 5. Yogurt with added fruit jam was patented in 1933 by the Radlická Mlékárna dairy in Prague. It was introduced to the United States in 1947, by ”Dannon” 6. There has long been a belief that eating yogurt is associated with longevity, and many studies have been done. 7. Yogurt bacteria can relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. 8. Yogurt helps to fight against vaginal eukaryotic microorganisms infections. 9. According to nutritionists, a cup of plain yogurt, about 240 milligrams, made with whole milk, is said to contain only 140 calories 10. Today it is a common food item throughout the world. A nutritious food with unique health benefits, it is rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. 11. Eating yogurt on a regular basis can help you absorb the nutrients in other foods.

Product Features

  • Use with all yogurt-making appliances
  • Contains blend of live active bacteria like ”Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus” and ”Streptococcus thermophilus”
  • Contains live active bacteria of ” Lactobacillus acidophilus”
  • One sachet is enough to activate 1 liter of yogurt and then can be recultivated again.
  • Every single sachet of this mild flavour yogurt starter is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians

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  1. Anonymous

    I have previously bought yoghurt cultures from this seller and have been very pleased with them, so when I was offered the chance to buy this product at a discount in return for my honest review I didn’t think twice.My wife used this product. She found the instruction very clear and easy to follow and followed the procedure to make about 1 litre of yoghurt. The taste is very good and it tastes all the better for knowing how it has been made and what is in it. The probiotic content…

  2. Anonymous

    A small packet full of surprise. My girlfriend and I have been trying to eat more healthily when I was offered this product at a discount price in exchange for a unbiased and honest with you I jumped at the chance. What I like about this product is that it is so economical. I can easily make a litre of yoghurt with it packet. It’s also very simple to use and gives absolutely yummy authentic taste. I have given as a sachet to my neighbour whose bowel was irritating her and then decided to wait…

  3. Anonymous

    Having reached a certain age I am becoming more conscious of what I am putting in to my body and although supplements are OK I really like the idea of getting the good stuff into my body in a more natural way. I have recently started making my own yoghurt and although I now have some experience it was very helpful to receive the very detailed instructions on how to use this culture. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review and I am delighted to say that it worked…