Yoli® fried ice cream machine,ice cream roll making machine for fruit,milk,yogurt,110V/220V

Hot Sale Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine Thailand Rolled Fried Ice Cream Machine
The machine is very easy operation. After turn on the button, you can frying ice water or milk into ice in 3 minutes. Ice cream can be adjusted for different tastes, by adding sugar, yogurt, and fresh fruit and red beans etc.
1. use of efficient low temperature compressor,international brand,top quality, cooling speed fast, good effect.The pan temperature can be reach -30 degrees in 30s.
2. All made of stainless steel, beautiful,durable, and healthy
3.6 Refrigerated barrels, fried ice and raw materials have sufficient space to be kept classified.
Technical Parameters:
Model YK-F1
Power 1.2kw
Capacity 25kg/h
Pan Size Dia50*40cm
Dimension 600*500*700mm
Weight 50kg
Guarantee& Shipment,
we supply 12months guarantee.
we would ship the machine in 4days.
we would ship it by DHL,FEDEX,UPS which takes only 4-6days for delivering.

Product Features

  • Model YK-F1 ,,,,,Weight 50kg
  • Power 1.2kw,,,,,product name: fried ice cream machine
  • Capacity 25kg/h
  • Pan Size Dia50*40cm
  • Dimension 600*500*700mm

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